A trip to Bali + Ricefields for days

I love my job so much! I just had the chance to travel to Bali to work on a destination wedding.
I packed Dave into my suitcase and we added a few days onto the trip.

We were in luck when wedding photographer Jo Bartholomew, who also flew in from Sydney was up to take some shots of us!
I love her work. So this is the story of how we somehow ended up having a spontaneous engagement shoot, that we would have never planned to do. I am SO glad we did.
Not only did we have a blast on this shoot, we also became friends with Jo and her lovely hubby Martin. We might have booked them to be our wedding photographers too... Bali was nothing short of spectacular and I will share our personal travel photos on here real soon!
Such a beautiful island. We will have to visit again.

P.S: We missed little Dalston terribly on this trip!