Secret Garden Editorial for WHITE Magazine

Liv Lundelius Editorial Makeup Artist Sydney Eastern Suburbs Makeup Artist

Working on Editorials is always so much fun, especially if you have a great team!
This shoot was for Issue 29 of White Magazine.
As usual, I only used natural/organic/cruelty-free makeup on set!
While I always use a huge variety of different products & brands in my kit, the key beauty products I used here were by Ere Perez.

If you are curious on how to create the look, I have listed below on how to create it using Ere Perez Makeup.

Highlighter: Versatile Vanilla Highlighter in Falling Star
Blush: Pure Rice Powder in Bondi Blush
Lips: Ere Perez Rich Olive Oil Lipstick in Surprise used as a stain, by pressing the colour into the lips with fingers

Volumizing Waterproof Mascara
Eyeshadow From Beginning To End
Pure Rice Powder Bronzer

Skin prep: Edible Beauty Vanilla Silk Hydrating Lotion & Citrus Rhapsody Radiance Tonique

(All products used are Vegan with the exception of the Lipstick, which contains beeswax)

Organic Makeup Artist Sydney Vegan Makeup Artist Sydney
Vegan Makeup Artist Sydney Liv Lundelius Editorial Advertising Makeup Artist

Credits: An editorial for Issue 29 of White Magazine
Model: Blair @ Chadwick Models
Makeup & Hair : Liv Lundelius
Florals: Jardine Botanic

Weleda Tinted Lip Balm Review

Weleda Tinted Lip Balm Review

A hint of colour, a nourishing balm, no annoying smells or flavours and a beautiful sheen, this sums up the brand new tinted lip balms by Weleda.

I was SO happy when I checked the ingredients and saw that they are VEGAN as well.
(insert happy dance here!)
Most lip products still contain beeswax and honey, so I am giving Weleda extra points for replacing those animal ingredients with precious plant oils and waxes and creating a more sustainable product.

Weleda always has a high standard in their quality of ingredients. And you have heard me raving about this company before. ( I really enjoy their pregnancy/baby range as well, worth checking out if/when you are pregnant)

But lets get back to the lips:
They come in practical little squeezy tubes with built in applicator nozzle and come in three different shades: Nude, Rose and Berry Red.
Nude is a very pale colour, with enough pigment to block out natural lip colour.
Rose is a light pastel petal pink (not as deep as most other colours called rose)
Berry Red is a sheer, shimmery raspberry type colour, just enough to deepen and enhance the natural lip colour.

I can't really find any fault with these beauties. Five out of five stars ;)
They are all pretty! And will be used a lot over here!



Recipe: Craving Crushing Bliss Balls

Vegan Protein Bliss Balls

Pregnant or not, who doesn't crave sweet things from time to time?

I was trying to concentrate on some more beauty reviews that I have in the works, but I am getting uncomfortable sitting on the desk for too long. It was also snack'o'clock so I decided to whip up some Bliss Balls and share those with you instead :)

I have been lucky not to have any weird food cravings after my first trimester, I just got back to a fresh healthy, organic plant-based diet.

It says however that if you do crave sweet/carby foods that your body needs more protein and by eating more protein the cravings will go.

I incorporate healthy vegan protein into every meal during my pregnancy, which might be the reason I don't have those cravings in the first place!

Something tasty & sweet is always nice though and these goodies are also packed with protein at the same time :)

It's always a good idea to have some healthy, vegan & sugar-free treats in the house!

I just whack all the following ingredients into the Vitamix until a perfect sticky dough is formed. Then I form little balls with my hands and roll them in shredded coconut and pop them in the fridge to set. Full instructions below:

2 cups raw cashews
2-3 cups organic rolled oats
1 cup dried sugar plums (you can also use dates, soak if needed)
1 cup vanilla protein powder ( I love this Amazonia one)
1/2 cup raw organic cacao powder
2 tbsp rice malt syrup
Shredded coconut, to coat



- Start with the cashews and blend them in your food processor until they are creamy
   (add a few tablespoons of water if needed, but be careful to not add too much)

-Next, throw in the oats and blend them

-Add all other ingredients and process until you get a crumbly, evenly combined mixture.

-See if the mixture is doughy and sticks together nicely. If it is too dry, you can add a few tablespoons of water. If it's too wet, add a touch more protein powder.

-Scoop heaped tablespoons of the mixture out and roll into balls with wet hands.

-Roll them in shredded coconut and pop them in the fridge to set.


Easy as! I hope you enjoy them!
I am planning to make some extra ones and freeze them for the postpartum period!

Face Tan Water, best invention ever?

Eco Tan Face Tan Water Review.JPG

I am usually not a fan of any fake tans on the face. They clog pores, dehydrate the skin and they also don't last, so I usually do tell clients not to bother and to simply match the makeup to the rest of the body if they are getting a spray tan.

Even if you are having a natural suntan, the face usually stays lighter, as we (hopefully!) protect it that most with sunblock, makeup, glasses & hat.

That's why most people have darker skin on the body than in the face.

But I am getting sidetracked....! As this Summer consisted of multiple heatwaves, my face hasn't seen much sun this year, I only went to the beach in the evening and tried my best to stay cool with this big belly.

I saw the Eco Tan Face Tan Water and needed to try it. I was intrigued by the texture, that it is actually a liquid and of course that it is toxin-free and full of great ingredients.

I already mentioned it briefly here, but I found it to be amazing!
I simply apply some with a cotton pad at night after cleansing and leave it on after night.
The tan is very light and can be built up when used a few nights in a row. Then you can maintain that colour by using the water 2-3 times a week.I t is definitely a subtle result but enough to even out the skin and give it a bit of a glow. Hardly any makeup needed afterwards!

The texture is very light and feels hydrating and cooling, sooooo nice now in Summer!
The best thing is that the formula is anti-acne (it won't cause clogged pores or breakouts!) and anti-aging (it keeps the skin very hydrated and supple)

I am not surprised it already won awards! It's such a unique product and it really works.

I just ordered myself a whole new bottle, for when baby arrives and I bet it will make me look less tired in those crazy but beautiful weeks as a new mama. Does that sound really vain? I am sure I will be all consumed by baby love and not caring too much about my appearance a, but after a few weeks/months there is nothing wrong with making yourself feel good, is there?

So my roundup: It's amazing and highly recommended!
I can't see myself stopping to use it anytime soon.


Max and Me - Highly Vibrant Skin Care For Your Soul

I recently had the chance to learn about Max and Me, an award winning Austrian natural skincare line with a very different approach. Far from the mainstream, these products are working on an energetic level.

It's a family business owned by the inspiring Tanja & Max, who are dedicated to only using the very best, purest and most potent ingredients. They move beyond just organic ingredients and work with a team of health and plant specialists to ensure that every ingredient is the most potent and best quality possible. This Luxury skincare line that treats body & soul.

If you are into Crystals, Colour therapy or any forms of alternative energy healing or yoga, you might just love this holistic approach. If you are a science freak, simply enjoy the beautiful smell and textures of the products! And let the results convince you :)
I tried a few products and each one I loved. I am also into the cute & beautiful packaging with little elf illustrations and the use of lilac, which since pregnant I felt really drawn to.
(Can you tell, I am constantly wearing my purple/lavender Spell dress? )
But back to the topic:

The smells are divine and stem from only the purest natural ingredients, but they also fairly powerful. If you prefer neutral non-scented products, this line won't be for you, but if you appreciate wonderful well done all natural scents that uplift, you might get addicted really quickly.

The hero product which recently won the "Best In Show" Award at the Indie Beauty Expo in NYC is the "Enchanted" Face oil. That really says something, as pretty much every natural skincare brand has a face oil it's range, so there was certainly lots of competition. Enchanted is an oil that can be used day & night. Perfect for even sensitive skin it suits and nourishes all skin types and smells of Jasmine & Frangipani. But words can only tell you so much, if you are looking for an outstanding face oil this is it! Try for yourself. (vegan)

My personal favourite, possibly because it feels so protective and balancing is "Circle Of Protection" which is a body treatment. Using it on my belly right now and inhaling the magical scent makes me feel very good, grounded and happy.
Quite a winner for any pregnant lady. The blend of essential oils in “circle of protection” increases the resilience of your skin, protects and pampers you. With the particularly beautiful characteristics of magnolia, skin-enhancing manuka, Bourbon geranium, Qi-enhancing, repairing jasmine, litsea, protective and nurturing vetiver, rejuvenating and moisturizing rose and highly vibrant silver fir. (vegan)
(Having said all that there is a whole range of body oils which I haven't tried yet! Please share if you have tried any of the other blends, I would love to hear about it)

The range also contains two different balms to treat difficult skin conditions, which sound and feel amazing. Luckily pregnancy suits my skin very well and I don't have any issues to report, so I can't comment on how effective they are.
But I keep them safe and have a feeling they might help me once Winter comes and my hormones will once again change after birth. (not vegan, contains propolis)

What I can comment on though is the wonderful Serenity Mask & Wash. I already recently featured it in my Instagram stories. (A little heads up, though: This product does contain Manuka Honey and is therefore NOT vegan. If you are okay with that that you are in for a treat. Otherwise, it's good to know that the whole range is not tested on animals and most products are vegan.)
This product is amazing as a face mask, it lightly exfoliates, hydrates and balances all skin problems. My skin was radiant and refreshed afterwards without any redness. The mask feels soothing on and is not drying although it does contain clay. It can be used as an exfoliating face wash as well. If you want to remove makeup and/or eye makeup, it's best to use the Purity & Grace cleansing oil as a first step.

Before this post gets too long to read, I better wrap it up. There is so much to say about this line, but I hope I have stirred your curiosity and given you a little insight of my own experience.