Turmeric Latte - Why I have been drinking it for years

Have you had a Turmeric Latte yet?

It seems like the next hip health drink trend but Turmeric Milk is so much more. It's not just a fashion, quite the opposite it's actually been an ancient natural remedy in India. Popular with Yogi's for longer than anyone would be able to remember. They call it Golden Milk. 

I came across Golden Milk many years ago through my Kundalini Yoga practice. Whenever I felt my body needed some healing support I made myself a daily turmeric drink for a few weeks. I have always made it as a vegan version with creamy soy milk or delicious coconut milk as a soothing night time drink. I used to follow the original Indian recipe making the paste from spices from scratch. 

Now I buy a ready made mixture and just stir it into warm soy milk. Too easy!!! And it's extra tasty too. With a mix of spices and natural vanilla, it's extremely comforting. I use Turmeric Latte Mix by Nature's Harvest. It's a beautiful blend of organic spices and of course, it's vegan.

I have been having a Tumeric Latte every morning (replacing coffee and avoiding caffeine while breastfeeding a newborn) since I had our little Faye arrived.
But not just because it tastes so good...The health benefits are really amazing. It does so many things and is not only safe but beneficial during breastfeeding too.
I have listed some fun facts for the health nerds below:

Health Benefits of Turmeric

A high anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, and traditionally has been known to lower risk of heart disease, prevent cancer, support healthy brain function, and treat arthritic conditions. The spice is full of nutrients, such as vitamins, proteins, minerals, and other beneficial nutrients.
The latest research has even shown that Turmeric is able to kill cancer cells!

Beauty Benefits of Turmeric

Turmeric also makes you more beautiful...well kind of:
The health benefits of turmeric include an improved ability to digest fats, reducing gas and bloating, decreased congestion, and improved skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and acne.

Breastfeeding Benefits of Turmeric

Many women have problems with swollen breasts and clogged milk ducts, which can be very painful for nursing mums and can lead to more serious complications like mastitis. Turmeric has been shown to reduce inflammation in nursing mothers’ breasts, so they can continue to feed and remain healthy.
The herb contains antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral properties that help enhance your immunity and protect you from a cough, cold, and the flu while nursing your baby.
Turmeric helps regulate body weight, increase the flow of bile, and prevent the risk of weight gain, and obesity for lactating mums. Have a teaspoon of turmeric powder after your meals to maintain a healthy weight. Isn't this great? Spread the word and tell all breastfeeding Mamas out there.

Benefits of Turmeric Latte Mix

All of the above PLUS:

Another high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory may improve some key risk factors for heart disease, including cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure, as well as help balance blood sugar levels.
Traditionally used to treat nausea and morning sickness, it’s antiinflammatory properties may also help relieve muscle pain while it’s gingerol can help lower your risk of infections.
Similar to ginger in its use for digestive concerns, it is also a detoxifier, mild diuretic, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory.
Used to decrease pain and inflammation, help control weight by stimulating metabolism and prevent disease with its antioxidant content.
Vanilla is a true medicinal food that has been used for centuries, and an everyday ‘superfood’. It’s especially powerful at enhancing brain and mood health.
Black Pepper
Enhances nutrient absorption and bioavailability of Turmeric and improves digestion.

Trying out the Good Green Box

good green box review liv lundelius vegan makeup artist sydney.jpg
Good Green Box Toxin Free Makeup Artist Sydney Liv Lundelius.JPG
Good Green Box Toxin Free Makeup Artist Sydney Liv Lundelius Organic Makeup

Back on the topic of how to find and discover green beauty products, there are some services that send out little bits and pieces of beautiful clean cosmetics.

One of them is Good Green Box, who was recently kind enough to gift me one of their boxes to review. I really like the idea, especially if you are someone that loves trying new things or just testing out samples before you buy.

The box consists of some full-size products and a selection of little samples.
There will always be a saving in getting the box versus buying the products separately. You can see what is in current boxes or has been in previous ones to give you a good idea.

The Good Green Box also has an online shop, so if you fall in love with any of the samples or products you can buy them via their website, often they offer special discounts and promotions for these as well.

Pretty sweet idea, no?

So the way it works is that you sign up for a subscription and you get a box delivered every monthly. Of course, this is a nice company, so there are no sneaky lock-in contracts, you can cancel anytime.

Here is what was in my box:

Full Size:
Pure Deo Co Natural Deodorant

I had never tried this brand. I received the Orange & Cedar fragrance, which is super pleasant.
I also like the simple and practical packaging, it comes as a stick and is super easy to apply.
However, it does contain Sodium Bicarb, which can irritate super sensitive skins.
Although my skin is sensitive, I haven't had a reaction to it. THe ingredients are super pure and clean. This product does contain Beeswax, so it's not entirely vegan. Aluminium free, Cruelty-Free!

Karen Murrell Lipstick
You already know that I am quite a fan of her lipsticks. And I have received a colour I haven't tried yet, whoop!This product does contain Beeswax, so it's not entirely vegan. 100% cruelty-free, non-toxic

Samples of the following:
Fresh Therapies Natural Polish Remover

It's my favourite, it's the best natural remover I have tried. It just simply works and it doesn't have that toxic strong smell of regular removers. It is the best alternative. I am using this on a regular basis in full size.

The others samples were:
The Devine Company Certified Organic Gradual Tan Natural Bronzer,

which looked and smelled like a great product, yet it's tricky to review from just a sample.
It has great ingredients, though, so I am sure it would work a treat. 100% organic, non-toxic

Be Genki Body Oil
Delicious smelling and pure oil, 100% vegan and organic! Love.

Baimeni Sweet Australian Almond Oil Cleanser

It doesn't get more gentle than this. Perfect for even the most sensitive skin and great for oil cleansing and removing makeup. 100% vegan, organic, cruelty-free.


Possibly The Best Body Scrub! Ever.

Eco Tan Pink Himalayan Scrub Review Vegan Beauty Review Sydney
Eco Tan Cacao Firming Mousse Review Vegan Beauty Sydney

My favourite Body Scrub, which I kinda forgot to include into my fav body products video is the Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub by Eco Tan.

(Do you know how much I love their Face Tan Water? I wrote about it here.)

The scrub is recommended to be used on dry skin prior to stepping into the shower.
I LOVE it. Makes me feel as if I am having a Spa treatment. It gets rid of any dryness and nourishes the skin instantly. Once you shower it off you come out of the shower smooth and supple, no body lotion needed. That's why they recommend using it 48h before using a self-tan, as otherwise, I can imagine the tan not sticking as well. I use this as my regular scrub not matter if I choose to use any self-tan or not. Living in Sydney and loving the outdoors I hardly ever use a fake tan. There have been exceptions lately, as this Summer was just full of either heat wave days or rain, not many opportunities to get some sun :( Plus being pregnant I haven't been able to tolerate heat very well. So I became used to helping my bronze along with some natural, bottled options. I think I am not the only one smitten by this products, as it's won quite a few awards already.

I am also a fan of the Cacao Firming Body Mousse, which I have been applying before our maternity shoot and also before my baby shower. It's so easy to apply and gives a nice even glow.
I have always left it on for 4hours to get a bit more colour out of it. As I am naturally quite tanned I just want it to even out my skin and make it glow, it doesn't really make it any darker, which would be different if you are very fair, to begin with. The most amazing thing is that the product is all organic, no nasties here! That's why I was happy to even use it now during pregnancy.

I am looking forward to using it in Winter postpartum, to make myself feel in good shape!
Now in pregnancy, it really helps to conceal all the little spider veins over my legs. (I am crossing my fingers they will disappear after pregnancy...I have just been on my feet working way too much during this pregnancy and have quite bad veins showing) 

The best thing is that it's non-smelly and super quick and easy to use.

Check out all my other favourite hair& body products here.

Why I Threw Out Thousands Of Dollars Worth Of Makeup

toxic makeup chanel laura mercier nars tested on animals

Have I lost my mind? No, I have done some research and learned some shocking truths about the ingredients in makeup & cosmetics a few years back!

Yes, this is not a recent event, as many of you know: I am a natural, organic & cruelty-free makeup artist, owning a huge selection of only the best green beauty brands from across the globe and love working with these beautiful products. Supporting boutique businesses with quality cosmetics has been so rewarding. But it's not always been this way. (see picture above, my kit many years ago)

I know first hand how the so-called "high-end", "luxury" brands use their marketing and packaging to make you believe you are buying something good!

I too had a professional makeup kit boasting with Chanel, Nars, MAC, Dior, Laura Mercier, Stila, Make Up Forever etc... but not only DO THEY ALL TEST ON ANIMALS!!!! The ingredients are also very cheap and nasty, nothing luxurious is found inside those formulas once you do your homework!

So into the bin, it all went. Thousands of dollars of makeup & cosmetics. Well, to be totally honest I did pass a lot of it on to other artists, who are still happy to use these conventional products.
As it wouldn't really be green to just throw them out...

I thought it was important to mention that I do know all these products too well myself and have worked with them for many years in my career. It was a conscious choice to get rid of them and to find products that perform, yet are truly luxurious! Products that actually are benefitting your skin, as well as the environment and also don't harm any animals. It wasn't the easiest journey to find replacements for all the trusted products I used to own, but time, lot's of trial and error and determination got me there!

Are you ready to change to healthier, better makeup?

If you are curious and want to make the change to healthier & better beauty products, follow my steps & tips on How To Become A Green Queen here! (Of course, you don't need to throw everything out at once...)

And please feel free to comment and engage and ask for advice! I am more than happy to help :)
I thought of working on a little blog post series about my best natural beauty swaps if you are interested...?!


Discovering Mádara Organic Skincare

Madara Skincare Review 03.jpg

It makes me so happy how there is an abundance of natural and organic skincare popping up everywhere, so much choice and beautiful products, something for everyone yet all toxin free.
Have you tried Mádara yet?

On our trip to Europe, I discovered Mádara skincare for the first time. It was stocked in most pharmacies in Stockholm & Copenhagen and I learned to love their PEEL mask, which quickly sorted out my skin which was breaking out from all the travels & changes. As the brand is a nordic company from Latvia, it makes sense that it was so widely available over there.

Back in Australia I didn't see it anywhere for a while and almost forgot about it.
BUT there are stockists here now, which got me to dive into the brand and try out a little more variety from their brand.
The range is actually huge, from Skincare to Haircare, Babycare and body products...
Everything is certified organic and the formulations are certainly very premium.
The packaging doesn't give away that the products are natural, which is a plus, they look like any other upmarket cosmetics, so if you are not into hippy-dippy bottles you probably love how simple, sleek and "normal" the products look.

As a makeup artist I am mostly interested in skincare, so that's what I have started with but I am still excited to try the other ranges.

So here is what I have tried & tested:


Micellar Water
Micellar Water is a staple in my makeup kit this one is possibly my new favourite. I wish I could buy huge bottles of it! They should make a pro-size (hint-hint!) If you haven't heard of this type of cleanser yet, it is a makeup removing water, super easy to use and therefore used by all makeup artists, but it's also great to have on hand for a super quick and gentle cleanse at home.
It removes makeup with ease, smells wonderful and is gentle yet hydrating.
Natural oil micelles dispersed in a soothing aloe vera juice remove makeup whilst providing a toning effect. Antioxidant-rich Northern peony root extract and hyaluronic acid soften, protect and hydrate the skin.

Lip Perfection Balm

(not vegan/contains beeswax & propolis)
A luxurious lip treatment & primer that leaves a slight sheen. Feels very nice on the lips and reminds of the expensive department store balms, yet this one is toxin free and filled with organic goodness. If they could work out how to make it vegan it would become another makeup kit staple.

Superseed Soothing Hydration
As the name suggests this is a very soothing oil perfect for dry and irritated skin. Isn't the simple bottle just so beautiful? Like with any face oils, a few drops are enough to quench the skin. Perfect for Winter.

SOS HYDRA mask Moisture+Radiance
Instant Moisture for dehydrated skin. Perfect as an in-flight mask too ( I always wear hydrating masks on planes, I know, it might sound weird and I sure get some looks of fellow passengers, BUT I get off fresh as a daisy) Your skin will really drink this one up. You can wipe any excess after 15-min with a warm cloth or cotton pad!

Exfoliating Oil-To-Milk scrub
(not vegan/contains beeswax)
It's a gentle hydrating scrub suitable for all skin types. This product is not vegan.

Ultra purifying mud mask
This mask is a deep cleanse, that decongests the skin. Really great for blemishes, clogged pores, oily and dull skin. I will keep mine for troublesome times, everyone needs a good mud mask in their skincare regime. If you have dry skin they are different and better options, though. This is a winner for oily skins.