Hello May Real Wedding Special Launch

You know Hello May THE indie wedding magazine?
They bring out a Real Wedding Special annually, which is like a book just full of amazing, inspiring weddings. To celebrate the occasion and just because the Editor Sophie is all kinds of awesome, they invited a bunch of creative ladies to a leisurely lunch.
(it was the first time since falling pregnant that I had a drink and those Margaritas were rather delicious!)

Forever grateful for Dave, who looked after Faye in the meantime and for being surrounded by so many clever, inspiring successful, funny and beautiful women.

Thank you again for having me! I had the best time celebrating with all of you!

All the beautiful photos are by Lara Hotz Photography

Event - @hellomaymagazine
Photos - @larahotzphotography
Venue & Catering - @threeblueducks
Stationery - @ddletterpress
Styling - @peachey.pie
Flowers - @the_sisters

We received generous goodie bags with gifts by

Stay Matte, Natural Foundations For Oily Skin

With the humidity on the rise and the party season in full swing, I am getting asked about matte foundations and shine control.
Adjusting your skincare and diet in the Summer months is key for healthy, balanced skin liquid but here are my picks for oily skin:


Nu Evolution
Fabulously matte finish unmatched in a natural, liquid foundation!
(you know I am a sucker for a dewy foundation but today it's all about matte)
Complete Coverage Foundation is completely vegan (YAY!) and toxin-free. Not a surprise that these have been used by many pro's backstage at NYC Fashion Week. Prime well and apply & blend with quick brush strokes. If you want a lighter finish, use a wet/damp brush.



Remeber this unique Serum Foundation?
Still a winner for oily skin as it dries matte. Read my full review from a while back here.


A Jane Iredale staple in my makeup kit, PurePressed allows for super quick & easy application of a flawless finish.
With its buildable coverage, it can even act as a concealer. Complete with SPF a compact for your handbag this is a Summer go-to. I like this one to cover acne or troubled skin. But with a light application its also great to keep healthy combination skin matte & beautiful.
Also suitable for mature oily or combination skin.


Another Jane Iredale base, that made it into my list! Dream Tint is a very lightweight tinted moisturizer that minimizes pores and smooths the skin instantly.
If you don't like foundation and are scared of coverage this will be your new friend.
Comes with SPF 15 which is great for a light daily protection. A rare find to have a tinted moisturizer that isn't overly dewy. This one gives a beautiful subtle glow, but no oily, dewy, glossiness on the skin.

Of course, if you are truly oily please use a primer and setting products in addition to pre-long the wear of your foundation! I also recommend powder blush, bronzer & highlighter as opposed to cream products, which will suit oily skin so much better!
I might do a post on just that soon if you are interested?


Our Summer Glow Workshop- Roundup!

Just a week ago I teamed up with the raw food wizard (or shall I say unicorn?) Julie from Earth To Table & Naturopath & skincare expert Anna from Edible Beauty for a really fun and hands-on night teaching all about The Inside Out Summer Glow. From healing & nourishing foods and toxin-free skincare to natural makeup...
There was so much to tell, teach, demonstrate and play with!

Anna had everyone mix a fresh turmeric face mask to apply, Julideliciousmonstrated the most delicious treats (I also learned a thing or two about food preparation!) and I followed with a simple Summer Glow look, talking all things foundation, highlighter and radiant cheeks.
The look we did was quite similar to my day-to-day makeup, which you can see in this video.
I was using my fave Jane Iredale Foundations: Liquid Minerals, Glow Time & PurePressed.
The key is to find the right one for your skin type and needs.
And I really can't seem to get enough of the vegan lip&cheek carrot colour pots & vanilla highlighters by Ere Perez.
We used all the beautiful skincare products for prepping the skin by Edible Beauty, which I also featured in detail in this video.
(If you want to get yourself some: Use code "LIV15" at checkout, for a special discount that applied to my clients & readers!)

We were also lucky to have the talented Gaby @ Gabriela Fearn Photography, shoot some behind the scenes of the event for us. Thank you, Gaby!!!!

The beautiful toxin-free candles were supplied by BearLakeFinds.com

As usual, I had little Faye in tow, while she had a great time with daddy and coming to visit for a while, she definitely had enough of it all by the end of the night.
I totally pushed her bedtime a little too far. Mama has still a lot of learning to do. Oops.
Forgive your silly Mum, little one, I am trying my best.
Our next workshop will happen during the daytime :)
She has been amazing tagging along with my gigs and I make sure that she gets my full attention and presence when we spent time together. I might write a little piece about this working mum business sometime soon! 

Beauty Teas & Summer Teatox Favourites

Edible Beauty Tea Skin Tea Organic Tea

Herbal Teas are wonderful beauty boosters, healers and can offer essential nutrients for your wellbeing.

I am a huge fan of herbal teas and our cupboard is usually well stocked to the brim with all sorts of teas... Some for calming, some for uplifting, some for the morning, some for the night, some to go with something sweet, some for cleansing & detoxifying... the list goes on!

I already told you in my Postpartum Video about how much I love my Dandy Chai with plant milk as a nourishing & balancing alternative to coffee. I have also been drinking herbal nursing teas after Faye was born, which are formulated especially for nursing Mums and now I am enjoying a variety. I also usually serve some to my clients! I have witnessed many times how effective tea is in improving the skin.

I prefer loose teas to tea bags, as there is #zerowaste !
Less packaging is better for the environment. It's also nice to see the actual herbs, they usually look very pretty :) and often (not always) the quality of loose teas is higher.

So here are some of my favourites, both made by local Sydney businesses!

Edible Beauty Tea

 All formulated by Naturopath Anna Mitsios, these powerful concoctions really do what they say on the bag. They all have the benefit of also tasting really nice too. The range covers all skin and many health concerns from ageing to acne.
I have previously written about the ones I drank in the lead up to our wedding and for clear skin here.



I am all about No.11 right now, (which is also breastfeeding friendly), a beauty tea packed with anti-oxidants and collagen-boosters but the real beauty is in its story and the wonderful taste.
This tea has Guradj as the main ingredient, a Native Australian Tea, which has been used by Aboriginal communities for centuries as a medicinal and welcoming drink.
I have never heard about it before, but it sure is tasty. It's a perfect Summer tea, as it tastes amazing iced and is very refreshing!

Traditionally, wise native ‘Gurạdji Men’ dispensed the Gurạdji leaf. They were the holders of knowledge, tradition and rules. When someone visited another clan, the Gurạdji Man was consulted for permission to access that clan’s Country. They shared Gurạdji in a ceremony, which had a mild analgesic and great relaxing effect.  Medicinally, the leaves were used for analgesic and anti-bacterial use. They were chewed to relieve toothache, steeped in water and sipped to relieve pain or nausea, and made into a paste that was applied to wounds or injuries to reduce inflammation and help in the healing process.

Gurạdji tea is sourced from a traditional Guringai family, LORE Australia, that sustainably wild-harvests the groves. At every stage of the harvesting process LORE practices personal connection, respect and intent with the land and communities in which they operate.

But that's not enough this tea also contains the unique Australian fruit Quandong which is very high in vitamins & minerals and native Lemon Myrtle which has anti-aging and acne-clearing benefits. Use code "LIV15" at checkout for 15% off all Edible Beauty Teas & Skincare

bondi beach tea co review


Bondi Beach Tea Co

Is a local tea brand which specialises in detoxing & weight loss.
While I am breastfeeding weight loss is not my concern right now but I have tasted and tried the Bondi Beach Tea Co teas and the ingredients are a well formulated! These teas aren't recommended to be used during pregnancy & breastfeeding without confirming with your healthcare provider first!
If fitness & weight loss are your main concerns give these ones a go, they are all natural and free of any laxatives.
They state to use organic ingredients when available. I wish they could clarify and get certified organic ingredients.

This has been formulated to speed up metabolism, is packed with antioxidant-enriched ingredients that are energy uplifters, enhance the body’s natural detoxifying powers, reduce inflammation, and promote healthy weight.
Of course, you will need to do your part and exercise and eat well, but a good herbal tea like this can really help to support the body. I like to think of it as team effort :)
This one contains green tea and is best to be consumed in the morning. It energises gently with Yerba Mate & Green Tea and contains natural caffeine.

 A mixture of traditional herbs known for their medicinal values this tea helps to keep your digestion on track, detoxify & help to lower blood sugar and curb sweet cravings! It tastes delicious and looks very pretty with its rose petals too. This tea is a sweet relaxing one for the evening. It doesn't contain any caffeine.


It's best to look for organic ingredients to avoid pesticides & herbicides in your brew. As herbs can be potent & powerful always check with your healthcare provider if you are pregnant or nursing.

Inside Out Glow Workshop!

get the glow makeup workshop organic makeup artist sydney liv lundelius

I am super excited to have the following coming up:

"Achieve an Inside Out Glow in Time for Summer"

An introduction to toxin-free skincare & makeup and how to achieve an elusive glow in time for summer 

Join organic makeup artist and toxin-free makeup artist Liv Lundelius (Liv Lundelius Makeup), naturopath and skincare expert Anna Mitsios (Edible Beauty Australia) and raw food chef Julie Mitsios (Earth to Table) to discover the secrets of achieving glowing, flawless natural beauty, starting from the inside, out in time for summer.


  • Why your skincare and makeup should be both toxin-free and abundant in vital nutrients
  • How to transition your skincare and makeup to clean and green
  • Amazing natural, organic and toxin-free makeup and skincare tips and tricks for glowing skin
  • The best nourishing and nutrient dense foods to get you glowing inside and out


  • Interactive talk by Anna and Liv on luxurious, toxin-free skincare and makeup
  • Skincare and makeup application with personal tips to address your skin concerns
  • A delicious beauty food recipe demonstration by Julie
  • Natural skincare and makeup samples, light refreshments and beauty tea
  • Exclusive 20% off Edible Beauty Australia skincare range 

DATE: Tuesday 21st November
LOCATION: Earth to Table, 85 Bronte Road Bondi Junction
TIME: 6 to 8.30 PM
PRICE: $95.00

Numbers are strictly limited to 12 spots for an interactive evening so book in quickly.

GET YOUR TICKETS NOW: https://ediblebeautyaustralia.com/products/seminar-ticket