Pregnancy & Perfume

Vanessa Megan Pregnancy Perfume Review

Pregnant women are famous for their sensitive noses that can smell unpleasant things from a million miles away.
 Add some morning sickness and food aversions to the mix.... it makes fragrance a complicated matter.

Pretty much all conventional fragrance is synthetically derived and usually contains phthalates, which have NOT to be listed on the label, so my advice for any human being is to avoid them at all times.
If you are trying to conceive and/or are in your childbearing years it's especially important not to use them.
They have shown to be responsible for many shocking side effects. Personally, I have not used any products containing phthalates for years, when I started learning about what's actually in my "luxurious" perfume, it went straight into the bin.

Instead, I use natural alternatives. Now, those are tricky during pregnancy as well, as they contain a high amount of essential oils, which can be very potent and are absorbed into your bloodstream. While some selective essential oils have really positive effects during pregnancy others have to be avoided. So unless you are an aromatherapy expert, you want to go easy on the oils, especially in your first trimester.

So what's a Mama-to-be going to do? Vanessa Megan, the genius behind the beautiful Australian natural perfume, skin and body care line has thought about this! Thanks, Megan!

"Garden Wonderland"
She has developed a pregnancy perfume, which also helps with morning sickness and it's safe to use during pregnancy & breastfeeding, as well as around your baby. Now, I didn't use this when I was still constantly nauseous, so I can't comment or judge if it helps with morning sickness. (Mine was so severe, nothing was helping, but it might do something for mild cases?) BUT I can tell you, that it smells delicious! I am a huge fan and enjoy wearing it! I was skeptical that it wouldn't last on the skin, as this one has a lower concentration of essential oils so that you can use it during pregnancy. Well, I was wrong, it lasts beautifully on my skin and leaves a deep warm scent, hours after I applied it.
I am going to stick to it for the rest of this pregnancy and once baby girl is born.

It feels very uplifting and calming at the same time, just what I need in the midst of all these hormones going wild.