Hello & Welcome!

We are Liv & Dave. This is our little space where we share bits & pieces of our day to day adventures.
We love life, photography, vegetarian food & big cities but we also simply love spending time with each other.

We are both creatives, Dave is an Industrial Designer and Liv is a Makeup Artist.
Dalston is our puppy and we love him more than anything. He is a Havanese.
Of course he has his own Instagram.
His name comes from the suburb Dalston in East London.
This neighborhood holds a special place in our hearts. It is where we first met and then lived together for many years.
It's where our story began.

We have been living in Paris, NYC, Milan, Berlin and London, now we call Sydney our home.

When the Icelandic volcano erupted and grounded all flights within Europe, Liv stranded in London and met Dave.
You know, when they say that you just know? We just knew we wanted to spend the rest of lives together.
No need to take things slow, we moved in together immediately and started our little blog.
It has been with us from the start.
Six years later we got married.

Here we celebrate the beauty in everyday life. The small things as well as the big things.
We picked up some readers along the way and appreciate every single one of them.

We update our blog weekly.

Thank you for reading.


Liv, Dave & Dalston

Photo credit: Header Image by twoguineapigs