Meanwhile back home + Dalston's Adventures

While we were on holidays exploring Scandinavia (part 3 is to follow soon!) our little man Dalston, had a staycation at home. We missed him all the time but it was good to know he was in best company. Our amazing friend and talented photographer Julianna aka J.K.Blackwell helped looking after him. Instead of just taking him for a quick walk, she took him for regular adventures (including road trips in her vintage VW) , all professionally captured to tell the whole story. You can read it over at the twoguineapigs blog.
And as a big surprise we received all the beautiful images. For us as totally proud puppy parents we are so excited about all these beautiful photos.
Turned out he was a little cheeky while being home alone, but only in his usual charming way.
He has grown up so much, understanding so many words and he is constantly teaching himself new tricks and outsmarts us all but most importantly he makes us all laugh so much.

His latest one is switching off the heater in my office, when he decides that I have worked enough and that it is time to take him for a walk. No kidding.

He totally worked out the touch screen buttons on our heater...

Thank you again, J.K. Blackwell, you are amazing. And thank you Dalston for being such an awesome pup, brightening each and every day.