Our Europe Trip Part 2 : Exploring Copenhagen

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Copenhagen: What a magical little city... Denmark was statistically the happiest nation in the world according to the

United Nations Happiness Report

in 2013, 2014 and came 2nd in 2015. And we could really tell why: Copenhagen had the most relaxing feel about it. There was hardly any car traffic, as everyone seems to ride bicycles. The roads are therefore quiet and the air smells clean, which is probably one of the reasons why Copenhagen is also the greenest city in the world. Every morning when we left the apartment for our daily adventures we grabbed a coffee at our local cafe a few doors down and were watching all the lovely young Dad's, who were also extremely stylish and had the cutest babies on their bikes or just taking them shopping. Yes! Welcome to Denmark, the perfect little world. People really seemed to have the perfect balance between a great job and time to spent with family and friends. In Scandinavia families receive great support to help parents with bringing up their little ones. Pretty much every restaurant we went to served organic produce and I didn't have a single bad meal. Every day we spent exploring, just by walking around. We visited the Design Museum, different parts of the city and quite some lovely design, homewares and clothes shops. The fashion was really good in Scandinavia and most things were on sale too! They also had some great organic makeup and skincare brands over there and a completely organic perfumery too. I could not resist shopping and filling my bags with beautiful products for my professional makeup kit. As

Organic Makeup Artist in Sydney

I am always trying to keep on top of international brands and pick and choose the very best to work with. We have to give Denmark extra points for design: Every little aspect of life here seems to be perfectly designed, from public spaces, over schools to street signs and of course furniture. It was really lucky I packed my trench coat though, I wore it pretty much every day. It was a very chilly trip but so much fun. Our last day in this cute little city was finally a sunny one. Soaking up all the sun rays we went to the botanical gardens, got a delicious vegan hot dog and spent the day wandering through parks. On our last night we found the best Aperitivo Bar near our apartment and hung out all night for delicious drinks and nibbles. Going on dates together with Dave is the best. We did have a little think if we not actually wanted to pack our bags once more and move. The trip made me realise that I really seek more free time to spend with Dave. Holidays are the best! I am so crazy about this man!

Next we're off to Sweden to visit Stockholm. We will share more real soon.