Who are we?

We are Liv and Dave. We love taking pictures. And healthy stuff.

We find inspiration in everything. And the small things.

Building a happy life together is our project.

Liv is a

Makeup Artist

and Dave is an Industrial designer.

Leaving things better than we found them is our passion.

Happiness is a decision we make every day.

What does Liv+Dave=?

We are still learning. 

Every post is a step closer to finding the answers.

We are sharing all the little adventures as well as the bigger ones in our life.

We love taking photographs and finding the beauty in the small things.

Our mission is happiness.

We are happy to have you here.

What is this all about?

This blog started as a diary for our families and friends all over the world.

We picked up some readers along the way and appreciate every single one of them.

We have been living in Paris, NYC, Milan, Berlin and London, now we call Sydney our home.

Here we are sharing photographs, recipes & DIY projects, we share our thoughts and happy-lists.

Here in Sydney we added

Dalston the Havanese

to our family!

We got engaged

(yay!) in 2014 and we got married in 2016

What comes next?

We are LOVERS///



Thanks for stopping by!

If you wish to

get in touch

feel free to do so