Our Europe Trip Part I : Northern Germany

The feeling to finally be on holidays and spent time off together for 3 weeks was almost overwhelming. The last few days in Sydney we spend wedding planning together: Meeting with our celebrant and choosing our wedding rings and getting on top of a few other things. The flight was already so relaxing, just sitting back and enjoying movies ,not checking emails, this was the break we had been waiting for.
We arrived in Hamburg on a windy and chilly day. It was good to catch up my Mum and family, we somehow did expect the summer weather to hit temperatures over 14 degrees, but it remained extraordinary cold for the whole trip. On the upside my Mum just got a new kitten named Gandalf, a little Maine Coon that was so much fun to play with.
We attempted some sightseeing although besides our daily 7k runs preferred to stay indoors. Little Dalston was incredibly missed. Our friends that were looking after him and our apartment, constantly updating us with photos and videos. I wish international flights would allow dogs on board and that Australia would let go off the long quarantine requirements.
My mums garden was so lush and a lot had changed since we last visited. At the end of our stay we had a little engagement party. It was a relaxed pot luck BBQ all vegetarian and mostly vegan.
Even some of my old school friends made it and also my (half-) sister, Sutkin, who I have not seen in way too long. Seriously it's been so long it's embarrassing to actually tell you how long it's been.
To see her amazing twin boys, my nephews and her husband Carsten. It was very special and I promised myself to stay in touch and not let this happen again. My dad I have also not seen in years although we email a lot and he always knows what I am up to. And last but not least my Grandma! She won't come to Australia for our wedding, so it was really great and important to celebrate with her.
As a teenager I spent every free minute at the local vet. I have always been crazy about animals!) and I also had my own pony there at her stables. It was very magical to go back and visit her. She rescues all sorts of pets and animals and currently has a very old camel, which used to belong to a circus, 2 lamas, about 25 horses, several cats and dogs, goats, chickens...and parrots.
Visiting Germany was truly a little journey into the past and an adventure. I noticed how much I feel at home in Sydney now and how foreign much of the culture feels that I used to be so familiar with.

Curious about Scandinavia and hoping for better weather we flew off to Copenhagen after one week. Stay tuned for our next part...