Herbal Teas For Beautiful Skin

Do you drink herbal teas to support your skin and whole body?
I love organic herbal teas and regularly get comments from my husband about the amount of different ones I have stocked in our kitchen cabinet. (Ooops!)

Of course, I had to educate them that they all have different benefits and for different times of the day and different times of the month. :)

Herbal teas are very potent and can really help support your health. They can help your lymphatic system, balance your hormones, clear breakouts and acne or nourish dry skin. Some can give you a stimulating pick me up, while others help you relax or even help you to unwind before bed.

Leading up to our wedding earlier this year I regularly drank the Golden Glow tea by Edible Beauty,
(which I also often serve to my brides when they visit me for their pre-wedding consultations)
It's still one of my favourites as it supports the skin in three key ways:
Burdock and Cleavers assist in purifying and detoxifying, Licorice and Red Clover enhance hormone regulation, and Nettle acts as a nourisher, providing minerals to support the skin’s hydration. Isn't that great? It certainly helped to keep my skin clear and radiant for our wedding.
I have tried many similar teas but I love the taste of this one, besides that it works for me.

Another one I love on a regular basis is a calming herbal tea before bed.
Sometimes I just drink pure Chamomile, other times a blend like Sleeping Beauty.

In the morning I do have a spiced Dandelion Tea with Soy or Almond Mylk instead of coffee.
It is roasted and comes out the same dark colour and bitterness than a cup of coffee.
It's so yummy and gives me the same satisfaction but without the caffeine.

What is your favourite herbal tea? Please share your experience.

Herbal teas in "normal" amounts are usually safe to drink for anyone, but if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have any serious illness or take medication, it's always best to check with your health care specialist first!