Karen Murrell Eco-Luxe Lipsticks

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My latest discovery and addition to the makeup kit in New Zealand based brand Karen Murrell.
It's a luxury lipstick brand without any nasty ingredients.
I ordered the Starter Pout Pack It comes with five different colour shades and a clear balm, the Moisture Stick.
All colours were stunning and highly pigmented.

No Need To Compromise
A friend of mine recently mentioned she had trouble giving up her luxurious red lipstick from a famous department store brand (Chanel) . She learned that her colour contains high levels of lead besides being a petroleum based formula and being preserved with endocrine disrupters, besides being tested on animals.
There is really no need, given the abundance of amazing natural lipstick brands with beautiful clean ingredients and an abundance of shades.

The Lipsticks
All colours glide on easily and come out true in colour.
Packed with natural oils, butter and waxes they provide good hydration.
Even more important: These lipsticks are very long wearing.

I just extreme tested them the other night. Husband and I went on a date night to a night food market, where we had several courses of messy food and dessert. The colours did not smudge or bleed. While they eventually faded (obviously!) they didn't smudge into my skin and held up very well. The scent/taste is spicy with notes of cinnamon. Unusual but yummy!

The shades
The shades are bright and beautiful and very up to date (no weird Nanna shades!).
From innocent neutral shades to fashionable statement colours, there is no compromise in colour.
The whole collection has 20 different shades including a clear Moisture Stick.
I have only tested five colours so far, all of which were beautiful!
 To get a good idea of the shades I have swatched them on white paper for you and photographed them in natural lighting, without filters etc. Depending on your screen settings they might appear more or less true to colour. All shades come out exactly the colour that you see when you look at the lipstick bullet.

Karen Murrell is a cruelty-free brand which does not test on animals.

Please note: If you are strictly vegan that all Karen Murrell products do contain beeswax.
Personally, it is very important to me that all products I use are cruelty-free and toxin-free.
Many natural and organic brands which focus on clean, non-toxic ingredients do contain beeswax.
I prefer this choice often to synthetic alternatives which are often less healthy, however, I always provide fully vegan alternatives in my makeup kit. It's a personal choice and preference.