ZUII Organic Review

I just received a lovely selection of Zuii Organic Products from makeup products, to skin & body care.
Zuii is an Australian Organic Makeup and Skincare Brand with very clean and gentle ingredients.

All their products are inspired by flowers and have a luxurious floral scent to them, stemming from their all-natural organic flower extracts, blossoms and oils.

I really enjoyed the Certified Organic Flora Gradual Tan Face Water.
Which just gives a radiant sunkissed glow and leaves my skin very soft and hydrated. It’s enriched with anti-ageing ingredients and might just become a staple in my routine, for whenever my face doesn’t get enough sun. It’s perfect for an evening out the skin especially if you don’t want to wear makeup daily

The Certified Organic Flora Moisturising Body Wash has a lovely green and floral scent and is as the name suggests: Very moisturising.
My sensitive skin was very happy with it.
Bamboo extract is also rich in many essential compounds, like amino acids and flavonoids, which are packed with antioxidants that protect skin from oxidative stress. ... The bamboo extract helps strengthen that barrier and protect and restore your skin's resilience. It’s great for all skin types and can also help to prevent and heal acne.

The Certified Organic Flor Lux Lipstick has just about become my favourite new everyday colour…maybe it arrived just in time to land in my personal makeup bag…which makes me think that I should add a few of these to my pro-kit. I tried their lipsticks a few years back and didn’t really like them that much, they didn’t last and were quite shimmery, but these new ones are the bomb! Absolute pro-quality and very luxurious.

Its a highly-pigmented more matte/satin finish, that lasts and doesn’t budge. I have been wearing the colour “Grace” a very blue-based, purple-ish Rose colour if I had to describe it. It has some vibrancy and is the perfect punch of colour. The taste and scent are quite floral and strong as in all their products but I didn’t mind it.

Certified Organic Flora Eyeshadow Quad Palette

A big thumbs up! I received the shade “Havanah” a metallic palette with shimmery pinks and rosegold tones all of which just make my eyes POP so much. These will go in my pro kit asap, but I also want to keep a palette for myself.

Although, let’s be real…when do I ever wear eyeshadow?

Which brings me to the mascara, I have stopped wearing mascara a few years back, I don’t enjoy the removal at the end of the day and as I usually like to wear rich oils and dewy foundations I end up with panda eyes pretty quickly. Yet, I am always on the hunt for the best natural mascaras for my clients and my pro-kit.

I wore this one yesterday ALL day and it actually didn’t budge. It was natural looking and very black. Most importantly it didn’t irritate my eyes at all. I highly recommend this as a daily mascara to everyone.

PS it's VEGAN, YAY! (not many toxin-free mascaras are vegan, as most of the natural ones contain beeswax!
And most vegan mascaras, are not toxin-free but rather chemical-laden.
So I am super excited about this great vegan mascara.

Last but not least: The Certified Organic Flora Lux Finishing Powder. A super-luxe product that i recommend for sensitive skins and everyone looking for an ultra-fine setting powder. Infused with real rose petals and flower extracts, this powder smells delicious and luxurious and will never produce a cake face. You simply, gently layer it on to set your foundation. A very unique product with beautiful ingredients.

Thank you Zuii Organic for making such wonderful, ethical products. A few will land in my pro-kit and some will be a staple in my personal beauty bag!

All-Day Wearing & Beautiful : Beyond Matte Foundation!


You might know already that I am a bit of a fan of Jane Iredale products.

For me, as a pro makeup artist, they do give me the textures and performances I require, while being low-tox and cruelty-free.

What you also already know is that I am a lover of dewy skin! BUT:

I can’t use a dewy foundation on everyone, for every occasion, in any climate on any skin type. Sometimes matte is best.

Matte doesn’t need to look all dry, wrinkly, cakey or powdery either. Matte can look just like perfect baby skin.

Velvety, smooth, even and yet radiant in all its matte glory.

Insert: Beyond Matte Foundation.

Did I mention that lasts all day with ease? That the coverage makes it easy to skip concealer and additional layers? It’s so smooth it also totally doesn’t need a primer.

Yep, that’s right. Although I prefer priming with proper skincare anyways, that is a different story.

So if you are oily/combination skin, live in humid conditions or prefer a more flawless matte finish, this one is for you.

Here is a short story of what happened when I wore it:

I had to road test this foundation to be sure that it deserves a place in my pro-kit.

So after I received my bottle, I quickly applied it in the morning before heading to a playgroup with my toddler. When I came out of the room, my husband immediately commented and complimented on how great my skin looked.

I was surprised that he even noticed. Husband was busy getting ready for work, my skin is usually pretty ok, and also he is NOT a fan of makeup in general.

He said my skin looked amazing and I looked so well.

At the playgroup three more people commented saying that I looked very well and asked if I had been having a very relaxing time etc. which couldn’t have been further from the truth.

We haven’t had the bests sleeps that week, and I had a few stressful situations with work/travel/deadlines.

So I have to give individual credit to this foundation.

My skin is slightly dry over Winter and Spring has just started, so of course, any dry areas showed up with this foundation. But they would have with any foundation. It was more a question of looking after my skin better.

In the evening it was still in place, beautifully and it looked so even and radiant.

The two little mini pimples that I had that day were entirely covered, no concealer needed.

I highly recommend this foundation. Also and especially for the time-poor, as it applies very quickly and fuss-free and it lasts. It does it all. Unless of course, you want dewy. It doesn’t do dewy.

Thank you, Jane Iredale, for creating another fabulous and wearable product.
You earned extra vegan brownie points with this one:

1. It’s Vegan
2. It’s pro quality
3. It comes in a large variety of shades including deep skin tones.

I will add this to my kit, and it will serve me well on all this hot Summer destination weddings!

Quinoa Water Foundation - Revolution in Natural Makeup


Ere Perez just keeps launching new great products.

I am a fan of Quinoa as food, you know those delicious little grains packed with nutrients?
Faye loves them too and they are a staple in our kitchen. Until now I haven't thought about it as a skincare or beauty ingredient, but this new foundation has changed that.

As the name suggests, the Quinoa Water Foundation is as light as water.
It comes in a glass bottle with a dropper, which reminds me of serum foundations.
It's great for all skin-types and I find it very suitable even for warm and humid weather given its featherlight texture. I am trialling & testing it in the windy, cold Winter weather here right now and am still very impressed.  It certainly helps to lock in moisture and it's perfect for everyone that doesn't like the feel of makeup on their skin. You can not feel this product, it's so light and really blends into the skin

The finish is smooth and natural. It's not dewy or glossy nor mat. Just like healthy skin.
The coverage is light and buildable. You can layer it for more coverage. I would describe it as light coverage though. Perfect for your everyday wear. Really good for sensitive skin or skin prone to breakouts.

The application is easy peasy.
It's recommended to use the multipurpose brush, but fingers do also work well. Yay!

Thank you Ere, for bringing out another vegan, cruelty-free, toxin-free product that works!

The Best Natural Highlighter Review & Tutorial

Edible Beauty has done it again! They launched another fab new product.

I had to tell you all about it and made a little video tutorial to show you how I like to use it.
Hopefully, this is helpful let me know if you are having any questions.

I have an exclusive 20% Off special for my readers!
Use Code LIV20 at checkout over at the Edible Beauty Website for all skincare.


and just like this....we are off for a family holiday to Hawaii!

Catch you all soon and feel free to follow along on Instagram! Mahalo!!!

Scout Organic Makeup Chubby Pencil Love


Scout Cosmetics is an Australian Organic Makeup Brand with clean ingredients and I was intrigued by all the chubby pencils.

Pencils with cream products are just SO easy to use, perfect for real people, mums, travellers and others having a life to live and not hours to spend on their makeup.

But even as a pro-artist these products come in handy and are quick to sanitize with a sharpener and won't require brushes.

I tried the Pure Colous Lip Liner pencil in Pink which doubles as a beautiful Eyeshadow Pencil and Lipstick. Acutally, you can use them on the cheek too, if the colour is suitable.
The Eyeliner Chubbi Pencil and the Corrector Pencils were a real hit too. The texture and pigment are fantastic in all of them. Definitely professional quality. They are easy to blend and have a good staying power for a cream product. All these products are vegan too!

This was my first time trying Scout Cosmetics and I will totally be happy to try out more from this range and recommend it!