ZUII Organic Review

I just received a lovely selection of Zuii Organic Products from makeup products, to skin & body care.
Zuii is an Australian Organic Makeup and Skincare Brand with very clean and gentle ingredients.

All their products are inspired by flowers and have a luxurious floral scent to them, stemming from their all-natural organic flower extracts, blossoms and oils.

I really enjoyed the Certified Organic Flora Gradual Tan Face Water.
Which just gives a radiant sunkissed glow and leaves my skin very soft and hydrated. It’s enriched with anti-ageing ingredients and might just become a staple in my routine, for whenever my face doesn’t get enough sun. It’s perfect for an evening out the skin especially if you don’t want to wear makeup daily

The Certified Organic Flora Moisturising Body Wash has a lovely green and floral scent and is as the name suggests: Very moisturising.
My sensitive skin was very happy with it.
Bamboo extract is also rich in many essential compounds, like amino acids and flavonoids, which are packed with antioxidants that protect skin from oxidative stress. ... The bamboo extract helps strengthen that barrier and protect and restore your skin's resilience. It’s great for all skin types and can also help to prevent and heal acne.

The Certified Organic Flor Lux Lipstick has just about become my favourite new everyday colour…maybe it arrived just in time to land in my personal makeup bag…which makes me think that I should add a few of these to my pro-kit. I tried their lipsticks a few years back and didn’t really like them that much, they didn’t last and were quite shimmery, but these new ones are the bomb! Absolute pro-quality and very luxurious.

Its a highly-pigmented more matte/satin finish, that lasts and doesn’t budge. I have been wearing the colour “Grace” a very blue-based, purple-ish Rose colour if I had to describe it. It has some vibrancy and is the perfect punch of colour. The taste and scent are quite floral and strong as in all their products but I didn’t mind it.

Certified Organic Flora Eyeshadow Quad Palette

A big thumbs up! I received the shade “Havanah” a metallic palette with shimmery pinks and rosegold tones all of which just make my eyes POP so much. These will go in my pro kit asap, but I also want to keep a palette for myself.

Although, let’s be real…when do I ever wear eyeshadow?

Which brings me to the mascara, I have stopped wearing mascara a few years back, I don’t enjoy the removal at the end of the day and as I usually like to wear rich oils and dewy foundations I end up with panda eyes pretty quickly. Yet, I am always on the hunt for the best natural mascaras for my clients and my pro-kit.

I wore this one yesterday ALL day and it actually didn’t budge. It was natural looking and very black. Most importantly it didn’t irritate my eyes at all. I highly recommend this as a daily mascara to everyone.

PS it's VEGAN, YAY! (not many toxin-free mascaras are vegan, as most of the natural ones contain beeswax!
And most vegan mascaras, are not toxin-free but rather chemical-laden.
So I am super excited about this great vegan mascara.

Last but not least: The Certified Organic Flora Lux Finishing Powder. A super-luxe product that i recommend for sensitive skins and everyone looking for an ultra-fine setting powder. Infused with real rose petals and flower extracts, this powder smells delicious and luxurious and will never produce a cake face. You simply, gently layer it on to set your foundation. A very unique product with beautiful ingredients.

Thank you Zuii Organic for making such wonderful, ethical products. A few will land in my pro-kit and some will be a staple in my personal beauty bag!

Exploring Aboriginal Bodycare - Litya


Many of the fantastic brands and natural products that I have discovered are using native Australian botanicals, and I have experienced how potent and great these plants can be.

Litya is an all Aboriginal Brand, which is Australian owned and made and I was quite excited to give their beautiful natural products a try.

One day Faye had a surprisingly long nap. After all, my most important tasks were done, I headed to the bathroom for a quick pampering session.

That shower felt like a Spa Day, (Mamas you know what I mean, right?)

So they are tucked away for this particular moment of uninterrupted shower time for Mum and make me feel fabulous. My skin approved, too and felt silky and happy.

These products surely work on the senses, and my skin looked radiant and hydrated afterwards.

None of their product is tested on animals. All the ingredients have been sustainably sourced and are mainly organic.

However, NOT all products are vegan.

A few contain Beeswax, Honey or Shell Powder.

They are clean/non-toxic with no synthetic fragrances and contain high-quality ingredients.

Some contain shell powder/mother of pearl extracts. These are a by-product of discarded pearl shells and therefore still sustainable.

So vegans, read the label and choose the fantastic variety of all vegan products they have to offer.

A Zero Waste Cleansing Revolution - Santé by Enjo



If you know me than you know that I am big on resusable items.

So naturally I was pretty excited to try the new makeup removing pads by Santé by Enjo.

I used cloth nappies for our baby and washable baby wipes and I try to bring my keep cup when grabbing a coffee on the go.

It’s all the little things that make a difference! Zerowaste items are always a winner. I am by no means perfect though and there are lots of things I do regularly that aren’t green. Like everyone I am trying my best and taking steps to better myself all the time.

Back to business:

I received a whole set of reusable, washable, makeup removers by Santé by Enjo.
Best invention, ever?

Well at least one of the best invevtilns within the beauty space.
I have used reusable wipes and also cleaning cloths before and they have all been great.
These are from outstanding quality though. It’s also great they come as a set.

They come without packaging and arrive in a mesh bag, which is also used to wash the pads. You can simply throw the whole bag with the used pads in the washing machine.

First let me tell you about the looks and specs:

They are generously sized fluffy disks, that come in a variety of colours. The size is really great and makes them easy to use and efficiant in removing makeup. They are a seamless design, you can easily use both sides and all angles for makeup removal.
The fluffy appearance doesn’t dissapoint, they are SUPER soft. And they feel luxurious on the skin.
Another pro is that they are Handmade in Austria. You can really feel the high quality.

Simply add water and remove makeup in circular motions!
If you are using water resistant makeup you can use a little pure coconut oil first to melt into your skin, massage into eyelashes etc. so that you can loosen any water resistant makeup. Then you can use your makeup remover disk with water as usual to wipe away all makeup residue. Too easy!

Sustainability/Eco/Ethical Factor:

No Packaging
Made in Austria / no slave/child labour/ no sweatshops/ sustainable practices Very high quality and durability
Saves the use of makeup remover products, which further reduces waste and resources

My Thoughts:

My skin felt really clean and clear after using the cleansing pads, even without the use of a cleansing product.
I am personally only wearing very light makeup, yet they also worked well to remove makeup on my clients and models.

Easy to wash in the little bag and just all round a great product!

Definitely recommended to get your hands on some! Use this link or Code:  LIVLUNDELIUS at checkout for a free bonus gift with your order!

You are welcome! 

The link used is an affiliate link, which means that I am earning a small commission on each sale at no cost to you.

I have not been paid nor influenced in my honest opinion and I will always only recommend products I truly love!

The commission is used to support my small business and this blog and your support is highly appreciated!

Weleda News & Oldies But Goldies Body & Baby


I had planned an overview of all our fave hair and body products from the last year…
But with the toddler and being in main wedding season, that was just a little bit too optimistic.

I am also Beauty Editor at Raise Vegan, which is another wonderful commitment and hat to wear, so my own beauty blog has been on the backburner for the last month.

Now that I received a beautiful box of some NEW and exciting Weleda Prducts, it seems at least time to feature our Weleda favourites, which made the list of my fave products for Baby & Body in 2018/2019!

(I will eventually split them all up and will tell you about hair care etc next in a different post)

I have a softspot for Weleda, as I grew up with the products and their whole Waldorf/Steiner aesthetic.
Seriously, how cute is that ltitle yellow suitcase which is a giftpack of their baby range.
Faye uses hers for play and it’s jsut so beautiful to able to reuse packaging in this way.

I really appreciate the HUGE commitment this company has to sustainabilty and nature.
While not all products are vegan (some contain Lanolin from sheepswool and some do contain beeswax)
I have found many fantastic vegan products in their line and also know the commitment they made to save the bees etc.

Long story short here are my top picks for baby and body:


Calendula Shampoo & Body Wash. So gentle!
Faye is swaeting a lot these days, always wearing her helmet to ride her bike and scooter. This keeps her clean and supple and doesn’t irritate her skin. It also helps that the whole kids range is packaged in her favourite colour: Yellow!

Body Oil:
Seabuckthorn Replenishing Body Oil (also LOVE the rose one)
Beautfiful Glass Bottle. Well designed pump, for no mess application and lovely oil.

Body Butter: NEW!
Skin Food Body Butter: Brand New and finally a vegan product in the award winning Skin Food Range.
This whipped butter, is rich, but yet sinks into the skin quickly! The perfect texture! Also a little more travel friendly than the glass bottles for the oil. Comes in a plastic tub with screw on lid. Leak proof and lightweight. It’s so new I can’t spy it on their Australian website yet but I am sure it will be up there really soon!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this one.  

Luxury Body Wash:
Pomegrantate Creamy Body Wash (and also the Rose One!!!)
Hydrating with heavenly natural scent. All you could want in a Body Wash. Leaves the skin radiant.

If you know me I usually buy BIG amounts of gentle natural unisex showergel in bulk.
I go for something unscented and practical. But ever so often I love using something a little special.
On holidays or weekends away or when things are just a little too busy for example.


These are my fave (and vegan) Weleda products for the body! Some I have been using for years others are new additions!  

Have you tried Weleda? 

Natural Cold Remedies That Work

Black chicken nasalette review.jpg

We hardly catch things over here, which is probably down to our fresh and healthy real food diet.
For the first time (Faye is now 18months) she caught a cold and she kindly passed it on to all of us. While she got over it incredibly fast, probably due to her still breastfeeding and getting my antibodies it really hit us parents hard this virus.
It doesn’t help that we didn’t get a chance to rest and recover while having to work and chase after the wild child. BUT: There were some things that made a difference!

Black Chicken Remedies:
Essential Oil Inhaler: It works instantly and feels SOOOOO good. It cleared up my nose and helped me breath. It also helped with my sinus induced headache.
It’s called Respire Nasalette and its a small miracle.
They also have a De-Stress Nasalette, which helped me deal with the overwhelm of work to catch up on after and during sickness. Highly recommended.

Ethical Nutrients Immune Defense: A herbal supplement with vitamins and minerals, my Naturopath friend told us to up the dose and take lots of it.

Garlic: Put fresh garlic in every meal or swallow whole pieces. Another Naturopath tip.

Lots of Water: Obviously! Staying hydrated is important!

Edible Beauty Goddess On The Go Beauty Balm, kept my nose from flaking and healed my dry, red skin.
Also their Vitamin C rich superfood powder helped me a lot! Native Collagen is a vegan supplement that plumps your skin and keeps it young with the help of Vitamin C and antioxidants sourced from native Australian plants.
(get 20% all Edible Beauty use code LIV20 at checkout)

Essential Oils in Bath/ Diffuser/ Roll-On:
We got a mixture made for Faye, a very diluted one that we used on her back and feet.
She loved it and kept wanting to roll it on herself. We like to use DoTerra oils and got some gifted from Essentiallyfrolicking

Dave always drinks litres of fresh lemon and ginger tea and we also eat spicy soups.

We are all back to our happy healthy selves as I type this.

What are your favourite remedies?