Exploring Aboriginal Bodycare - Litya


Many of the fantastic brands and natural products that I have discovered are using native Australian botanicals, and I have experienced how potent and great these plants can be.

Litya is an all Aboriginal Brand, which is Australian owned and made and I was quite excited to give their beautiful natural products a try.

One day Faye had a surprisingly long nap. After all, my most important tasks were done, I headed to the bathroom for a quick pampering session.

That shower felt like a Spa Day, (Mamas you know what I mean, right?)

So they are tucked away for this particular moment of uninterrupted shower time for Mum and make me feel fabulous. My skin approved, too and felt silky and happy.

These products surely work on the senses, and my skin looked radiant and hydrated afterwards.

None of their product is tested on animals. All the ingredients have been sustainably sourced and are mainly organic.

However, NOT all products are vegan.

A few contain Beeswax, Honey or Shell Powder.

They are clean/non-toxic with no synthetic fragrances and contain high-quality ingredients.

Some contain shell powder/mother of pearl extracts. These are a by-product of discarded pearl shells and therefore still sustainable.

So vegans, read the label and choose the fantastic variety of all vegan products they have to offer.