Weleda News & Oldies But Goldies Body & Baby


I had planned an overview of all our fave hair and body products from the last year…
But with the toddler and being in main wedding season, that was just a little bit too optimistic.

I am also Beauty Editor at Raise Vegan, which is another wonderful commitment and hat to wear, so my own beauty blog has been on the backburner for the last month.

Now that I received a beautiful box of some NEW and exciting Weleda Prducts, it seems at least time to feature our Weleda favourites, which made the list of my fave products for Baby & Body in 2018/2019!

(I will eventually split them all up and will tell you about hair care etc next in a different post)

I have a softspot for Weleda, as I grew up with the products and their whole Waldorf/Steiner aesthetic.
Seriously, how cute is that ltitle yellow suitcase which is a giftpack of their baby range.
Faye uses hers for play and it’s jsut so beautiful to able to reuse packaging in this way.

I really appreciate the HUGE commitment this company has to sustainabilty and nature.
While not all products are vegan (some contain Lanolin from sheepswool and some do contain beeswax)
I have found many fantastic vegan products in their line and also know the commitment they made to save the bees etc.

Long story short here are my top picks for baby and body:


Calendula Shampoo & Body Wash. So gentle!
Faye is swaeting a lot these days, always wearing her helmet to ride her bike and scooter. This keeps her clean and supple and doesn’t irritate her skin. It also helps that the whole kids range is packaged in her favourite colour: Yellow!

Body Oil:
Seabuckthorn Replenishing Body Oil (also LOVE the rose one)
Beautfiful Glass Bottle. Well designed pump, for no mess application and lovely oil.

Body Butter: NEW!
Skin Food Body Butter: Brand New and finally a vegan product in the award winning Skin Food Range.
This whipped butter, is rich, but yet sinks into the skin quickly! The perfect texture! Also a little more travel friendly than the glass bottles for the oil. Comes in a plastic tub with screw on lid. Leak proof and lightweight. It’s so new I can’t spy it on their Australian website yet but I am sure it will be up there really soon!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this one.  

Luxury Body Wash:
Pomegrantate Creamy Body Wash (and also the Rose One!!!)
Hydrating with heavenly natural scent. All you could want in a Body Wash. Leaves the skin radiant.

If you know me I usually buy BIG amounts of gentle natural unisex showergel in bulk.
I go for something unscented and practical. But ever so often I love using something a little special.
On holidays or weekends away or when things are just a little too busy for example.


These are my fave (and vegan) Weleda products for the body! Some I have been using for years others are new additions!  

Have you tried Weleda? 

Weleda Tinted Lip Balm Review

Weleda Tinted Lip Balm Review

A hint of colour, a nourishing balm, no annoying smells or flavours and a beautiful sheen, this sums up the brand new tinted lip balms by Weleda.

I was SO happy when I checked the ingredients and saw that they are VEGAN as well.
(insert happy dance here!)
Most lip products still contain beeswax and honey, so I am giving Weleda extra points for replacing those animal ingredients with precious plant oils and waxes and creating a more sustainable product.

Weleda always has a high standard in their quality of ingredients. And you have heard me raving about this company before. ( I really enjoy their pregnancy/baby range as well, worth checking out if/when you are pregnant)

But lets get back to the lips:
They come in practical little squeezy tubes with built in applicator nozzle and come in three different shades: Nude, Rose and Berry Red.
Nude is a very pale colour, with enough pigment to block out natural lip colour.
Rose is a light pastel petal pink (not as deep as most other colours called rose)
Berry Red is a sheer, shimmery raspberry type colour, just enough to deepen and enhance the natural lip colour.

I can't really find any fault with these beauties. Five out of five stars ;)
They are all pretty! And will be used a lot over here!