Weleda Tinted Lip Balm Review

Weleda Tinted Lip Balm Review

A hint of colour, a nourishing balm, no annoying smells or flavours and a beautiful sheen, this sums up the brand new tinted lip balms by Weleda.

I was SO happy when I checked the ingredients and saw that they are VEGAN as well.
(insert happy dance here!)
Most lip products still contain beeswax and honey, so I am giving Weleda extra points for replacing those animal ingredients with precious plant oils and waxes and creating a more sustainable product.

Weleda always has a high standard in their quality of ingredients. And you have heard me raving about this company before. ( I really enjoy their pregnancy/baby range as well, worth checking out if/when you are pregnant)

But lets get back to the lips:
They come in practical little squeezy tubes with built in applicator nozzle and come in three different shades: Nude, Rose and Berry Red.
Nude is a very pale colour, with enough pigment to block out natural lip colour.
Rose is a light pastel petal pink (not as deep as most other colours called rose)
Berry Red is a sheer, shimmery raspberry type colour, just enough to deepen and enhance the natural lip colour.

I can't really find any fault with these beauties. Five out of five stars ;)
They are all pretty! And will be used a lot over here!