= settling up x there is only one direction + the best idea ever!

All Pictures via the iPhone taking by Dave at our first date(s)
We went to a pretty cold and wet but still fun rooftop party at a friends house last night.
People were pretty curious about how our little "moving-in-together-straight-away-project" is developing. There is clearly just one answer to that:

It has been the best idea ever! 
I got asked from several friends, if it's true that Liv and Dave are about to settle down.
Down? If anything we are settling UP!

When I review the last few months, I can't believe how much has changed in such a short time. I just came to London in the beginning of April and so many things have just been fallen in place. Like a puzzle.

Not everything is easy-peasy and moving countries, keeping my own business going while doing a day job as well, is quite challenging but most of time I do feel really really happy.