=1/2 anniversary x planning the holiday excitement : warm vintage shopping

 Happy 6 months today! (That's my excuse for all this cheesy pictures...but c'mon this is our private cheesy blog)
Yeah that's nothing to shout about I guess, it's still called honeymoon period and million miles away from stressful routine relationship.
Anyways: For almost constantly hanging out-working together-living in one room-situation we could at least crack a bottle of Prosecco open tonight.

This week has been a good one!
We planned the Australia holiday for January. And I can't stop saying how excited I am about this.
3 weeks!!!!! I have never been there, I haven't had any holiday in years, and I love hot climates.
I am looking forward to fresh fruit, tons of ice coffee, seeing Koalas and sleeping in.
I am excited about lying on the beach next to the rain forest for a whole week.
I am excited to discover the art and design scene in Melbourne, and being a proper sightseeing tourist in
Sydney. I am exciting to spent 3 weeks with Dave. To sleep in whenever I want.
About Yoga at the beach in the early morning, about new inspirations and loads of pictures to take.
I can't wait to feel the hot sun on my skin and let my brain melt in the boiling heat.
I am excited to meet the Davids huge family, that I just know via skype so far.
I am looking forward to feel the buzz of being on a 1 week family holiday.
I want seafood bbq's and time to read.
I am looking forward to the long time on the plane, because I just enjoy the atmosphere and timelessness of traveling.

What else was great this week? Oh I have been invited to join and launch this cool ladies blog project.
And we went Covent Garden vintage shopping and found me some great essential winter clothes and new shoes.
Dave "Your shoes are a joke."
Liv "Thanks, baby!"
Yeah, to be honest he was right.
They are my mums wedding shoes so they are just falling apart by now. Sadly.
I am prepared for the silly winter to come.
Summer is definitely gone. We are in hibernation mode.