Mayworkaholics OR work is love in action

Lately we didn't find the time to hang out, there is so much work going on right now.
Sometimes it's amazing to have flat mates. In these busy times, they made dinner for us, when we had very long work days and they also created a second herb garden in our flat with hand painted pots.
Our Spring 2012 essientials for London are:
Hotwater bottles (not kidding it has been extremely cold last week)
Hot spicy Tea
Yellow nails ( to stimulate the sun?! )
Fluffy slippers
Yes, that sounds like Winter, right? Appearantly it's the coldest Spring in 100 years.
We have pretty much just been working non stop. AlwaysAnytimeTwentyfourseven.
Good that we love our jobs! I do start to crave a holiday and some time to spent with Dave very soon.
In the meantime, I need some good coffee and remember that work is love in action!