Living Down Under + Upside Down: Our 6 Months Review

Living here has recently felt a little upside down.
It's been six months, a good time frame for a little review.

Time has been flying in lightspeed, I don't think it really hit me yet, that we are living here now
permanently, possibly forever.
So how about my expectations vs. my experiences.
Well, I don't quite know exactly what I have imagined, but I some how thought that life
will feel slower paced down here, I thought I will have plenty of time for blogging and walking around just being creative. I thought I might get bored from time to time.
I set goals for myself, high goals, and I am really on a good roll of achieving them step by step.
In fact I am on a pretty good roll in getting there, actually, but that really cut into the time for blogging. Especially when I get a last minute call at 8am in the morning, if I can be at a shoot in the city 10min later. Freelance work is hard to plan or predict. I have learned to be super flexible and somehow always prepared.

As you might noticed we have been blogging less than in London since we got here.
Are we now some lazy slow people that just lay at the beach the whole time?
That's what I would think if I were you.
But no- we somehow hit the ground running and haven't really slowed down at all.
I am busier than I could have ever imagined. I am working weekends and long hours during the week.
Blogging got pushed to the side, and I feel I have to reorganize my whole schedule.
I need to fit blogging time and fitness time in. Oh and time to actually do my nails and do the laundry and clean up the house. It's all gotten a little messy lately. And Yoga time. And time to hang out maybe too.
Not cool. I love blogging and am hoping that our routines will adjust soon.

To sum it up:

Life isn't slow down under, if you love your work, you will be just as busy as anywhere.
( or busier? Maybe there is a natural law here, that makes time spin faster and it simply hasn't been discovered yet???) 
The coffee is the greatest
And the food, so good that we have put on a bit of weight 
Yes the weather is amazing!
And the beaches.
Living by the water makes me beyond excited
The food is incredible
It's somehow the goodlife- it really is.

Do we miss London? Well, yes. We miss our friends and our little routines.
I miss the style and the awkward beauty of Britishness.
I miss how international it is and it's diversity.
It shows me how much I am a city dweller. I love the energy of the big big international hubs.
Would I go back? Probably not. Sydney has been good to us.
Very good. Now we only need time.

Exciting recent stuff:

1. I have finally created a Facebook page for my makeup artistry, come over and "like" if you like! (it's the proof that I haven't been lazy, but actually been working a lot!)
2. Gaby from This Little Port got a makeup lesson from me and I have done her makeup for this gorgeous photoshoot.
3. I won an absolutely stunning giveaway by the uber stylish and talented Nora from Nora Finds, which totally made my week.
4. We bought a couch! But got told after we paid that it will be delivered it in 8 weeks

I hope you guys are hanging in there and still checking out our little space here from time to time!?
We are still around and happy!