Dave's super belated Happy Birthday

Oh yes, it was Mr. Mansueto's Birthday the other week...
A little while ago. We celebrated with family, as Dave's brothers birthday is on the same day.
Between the two birthday boys they had a total of four cakes!
I took Dave out for breakkie and he got a stack of motivational books, all to do with house stuff, to make the hunt more fun.
He wanted The Selby book for a while and I went nuts in the book store, getting additional veggie BBQ recipes, interior design books and books about balcony gardening.
It was a happy day. Oh and then we went with the whole family to Sizzler.
For my first time. Those of you that have been can imagine how random that experience was for me.
Well I did enjoy that salad bar ; )
Oh yeah, there are some updates on the puppy front too. We decided to get a dog as soon as we found a pet friendly place to live. So exciting, I can't stop thinking about it.
Now we just need to get a place.

Hope you had a blast David, I love you.