Sculpture By The Sea x A Long Long Walk

After going for a run and having a nice breakkie on a Sunday morning we walked over to Bondi Beach to do the beach walk and see all the amazing sculptures that are currently there.
There were some outstanding ones, and some artists really played with the environment.
I loved it. There was free sunscreen and water being provided along the way and there were great food stalls too. It was really like going to an outdoor museum. We also saw many many cute dogs along the way and my puppy fever is growing stronger.
(We need a new place that allows pets, otherwise we would have a pooch right now!)

I am still feeling deep appreciation for living so close to the ocean.
It's so magical to get the view. Walking is my favourite thing to do on a day off, especially if it's a day off together. It sorts out my thoughts and is so relaxing and inspiring.
Afterwards we made that yummy cauliflower pizza once more! We are slightly addicted.
And it goes so well with movies.