One Big Fat Italian Wedding + Spring Clean

Just a few happy snaps out of a photo booth!
We had a lot of fun on a recent family wedding.
It was the biggest wedding spectacle I have been to, with about 350 guests entertainment from ballerinas, dancers, acrobats, Brazilian drummers to fireworks, it was certainly very funny.
None of my friends or family has ever had a huge wedding like this.
And it was totally not our style, it was lovely to catch up with David's parents and siblings,
to dress up and enjoy some great Italian food.

Now I am looking forward to Spring, Winter has been long enough now, I want to go to beach.
We have started our Spring clean in the apartment and we starting to get back into a healthy exercise routine. I also finally took a day off, a very rainy and cold one, doing yoga at home, enjoying face and hair masks (as we speak!) and writing a little blog post.
It feels soooo good to have some lazy-ish pamper time, organizing paperwork and just getting things sorted and getting on top of things. Rainy days like this are sometimes just perfect.
Last night we also had a little time talking about our future plans, and it made me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Hope you are all well and are excited about the change of seasons.