Bali: Work + Play

We have looked at a lot of Bali photos lately! Why? Because we decided to go there for our honeymoon!

I am so excited and have been walking around with this very big ear to ear grin for days now.

And then I realized we never got around to share all the photos that Dave took of our last trip to this beautiful island.

These photos were all taken on my business trip to Ubud, Bali in November, when Dave joined me and we stayed on for a few days together. I was working on a beautiful Bali wedding as makeup artist over there and did not get to explore enough. On the up side, I love my job and it is always special opportunity to work on destination weddings.

This visit to Bali was too short, but enough to get a taste and to know that we wanted to come back.

It is a very special place. I loved the tropical extremely hot & humid climate, I was impressed by all the beautiful traditional arts. The flowers, the incense and the cheeky monkeys. Everyone we met was very welcoming and we found so much fabulous fresh vegetarian food.

Dave even braved a lot of the street food and he did not get sick. I thought I mention this, since so many people tell stories of "Bali Belly" after having had bad food.

I wish we could have brought home many of the amazing wood works and furniture but it seemed a mission to get it imported to Australia. We will be back for more.

Our honeymoon is booked, only five months to our wedding day. Seriously how did time fly by that fast? Before we know it it will be February. We can't wait!