Life Lately & Vegan Apple Pie

Life lately has been a bit of a blur. I am glad that we still got the camera or phone out occasionally. We had Daves Birthday happening as well and while we didn't throw a big party we had the coziest night in. Traditionally, with my home made Apple Pie. I feel I have really nailed the vegan pie pastry. I followed this crust recipe, which is just THE best.
We skipped dinner so we could fit in more Apple Pie & Ice Cream (vegan!)
But don't worry overall I am very healthy.

I have been Vitamix-ing like crazy over here. Did you check out my fav smoothie recipe?
Those smoothies really helped my energy and overall wellbeing.

We hit the second trimester over here and my energy is picking up, I also no longer feel nauseous all day long, which is such a relief. Which also means I will start taking the camera out and about and documenting more, YAY!

I have also started to get back into regular exercise, which feels SO good, guys!
I am alternating big walks (with steep inclines&hills) with prenatal yoga and some prenatal exercise I do at home with videos. It's the very cheesy aerobics type thing, but good fun and it makes me break a sweat!

We also heard the babies heart beat again, when we met our midwife the other week and we also found a beautiful doula support us on our journey. It's all really exciting. I feel so much love for this little one already. And somehow being pregnant changed so much of my life already, it's definitely a huge adjustment if you are busy buzzing bee all the time and all of a sudden, things are just moving more slowly. As we are new to all this, I really enjoy reading and learning more about pregnancy, birth and babies, so it seems like there is always something on my mind I am curious about and I find it hard to forget that I am pregnant and just move on with business as usual. It's all such a special time and so exciting!

I am not the only one feeling this over here, my Mum can't wait to become a Grandma and she calls me all the time and shows me the cutest baby clothes that she is knitting or little things she bought for the baby on skype... We are also all very curious to find out if there is a boy or a girl in the bump.