Honeymoons Are A Good Idea

While I am typing this there is icy cold rain here in Sydney...
Looking back at our honeymoon memories makes me all warm and fuzzy on this uncomfortable wet day. I will never forget those two weeks in paradise.
We took off on a two-week honeymoon to Bali right after the wedding.
I had been waiting for this break for a little while and was beyond excited to spend days with Dave doing nothing but drinking coconuts by the pool.
The days felt really expansive, it's amazing that a day can actually be very long if you don't pack it to the brim with activities, plans and work.

We completely unplugged (although I shared the odd Instagram pic here and there!) we did not look at my emails or anything work related and came back SO relaxed and refreshed.

We started off in Ubud, checking into a little, hidden paradise made from bamboo, called
Bambu Indah. This place is different to any hotel I have seen. With a natural toxin-free swimming pool, Tarzan rope, tree houses and antique wedding huts as accommodation it's a little jungle wonderland. The staff was just the happiest and friendliest. The food was easily the best I have had in Bali. The owners are very involved in the local community and also the founders of the Green School. It's all about sustainability and bamboo architecture. I highly recommend staying here, if you are coming to Ubud.

We had a few more nights at Sandat Glamping, where we had a private pool and the cutest glamping tent. The whole place was very beautiful and we enjoyed a more European breakfast and actual "real" coffee the way we make it at home. ( I have actually since stopped drinking coffee!)

Both hotels were extremely generous and surprised us with free massages, gifts and special flower decorations, because it was our honeymoon.

Night after night we found ourselves dining at The Elephant. Our favourite Vegetarian restaurant, which serves amazing food and fantastic cocktails. It also has the most beautiful view and great atmosphere. Being Vegan or Vegetarian is so easy in Ubud, there are unlimited choices of healthy fresh plant based goodies around everywhere. We were spoiled for choices.

Our last week we spent up in Amed, a small, secluded fishing village in North-East Bali.
More photos of that are on their way real soon.

Thank you, husband, for making this two weeks so very special! I love you forever!

(these photos are taken with our old Pentax...the quality isn't as great as our new Fujifilm)