A Little Work & Play Trip To Jervis Bay

Sometimes we all get lucky to combine travel with work.

I was working on a wedding in Jervis Bay, a place that means so much to us.

It’s where we got engaged, we spend many romantic weekends away as well as time with both our families.
We saw the sunrise over the the ocean the first day of the year and have so many special memories that connect us to this magical little spot.

This was the first time we brought Faye along and it made my heart jump to see how much she loved it here too.

We had two little beach excursions to either side of my work day.
While short they were extra sweet.
We got just enough sun, ocean dips and built sandcastles for hours.

We immediately had the holiday feeling of pure relaxation and letting go when we arrived.

Our cute little Airbnb was so cozy and made us dream of a little house just like it.

Dave was really in photo mode and kept snapping away (which is also a sign for him to be in a good and relaxed mood)
With all the photos to go through I happened to re-live every moment of this weekend while making a selection for our blog.