Paradise Found Part 3 The Big Island - More Turtles, Lava Caves & Sun

It's been three whole months already since our beautiful holiday!
In case you have missed the first and second part, here they are:)
And also our little film.
So much has happened since then. Faye has grown and changed so much already.
Looking back at these photos and memories feels extra special.

I am forever grateful we took the time to go on this trip. Spending time with little ones just always seems like such a great idea.

Our final destination on the Big Island was Mauna Lani!
A sunny and relaxing place. It felt like everything fell into place at last!
Not that the first part of the trip wasn't great, in fact, Kauai really holds a special place in my heart. It's just that after a while on holidays we all really found our groove and routine.
I think we all really relaxed into it, we found our rhythm
with the little one and everything just seemed easy and cruisey.

The landscape was unlike anything I have seen before, lava rocks all around contrasting with the crystal clear blue water. We met the cutest Geckos everywhere and quite a few friendly turtles too.
It was a lifelong dream come true for me when I went for a snorkel and two magnificent sea turtles, honu as they are called in Hawaiian, swam right up to me and with me.
You have probably seen the video already here.

Endless beach days and relaxing days around our vacation home just really made us feel like on holidays. It was perfect! And Faye had such a great time. Lucky we love our home so much and we reunited with puppy Dalston upon arrival.

We are making lots of big decisions over here at home and trying to purchase a home, so a trip like this might not be in the cards for a while.