City Life, Ferry Rides & Museums

Ok, let me be honest. I am a Summer person and could easily live in the tropics in a hot and humid environment all year around, BUT I also like to make the most out of life and find it's a little too short to spend time complaining about the weather. Sydney has been extremely wet, cold and windy lately and definitely proven to be a challenge with a one-year-old. We also can't get any laundry dry :( But hey, we got beanies, hot tea, and vegan feel-good cookies.
The best thing is that Winter is my "off" season and I am not as busy buzzing with weddings as the rest of the year. I am soaking up all the family time on weekends and catching up on a lot of things.

On Sunday we caught the ferry into the CBD, we grabbed some yummy lunch (so many vegan options now in any food court, it's amazing), coffees and then explored the MCA with Faye. Her favorite painting was of two chickens. She also loved a sculpture made from children's shoes.
It was the first time that she was awake in a Museum and she really loved it.
At her age it's only a short trip, seeing only part of an exhibition, instead of overwhelming her with too many different things.

Being on the water, getting splashed and letting the wind blow through her fine hair was everything. She giggles and laughed. Taking the ferry is always worth it.
Here is to many more trips I think.