be(come) blushless

hochzeitskleider331Welcome to be Blushless! The ultimate Wild at Heart Fashion-and Weddingblog! This is an open to public moodboard of my label.... bit of an backstage diary and ... in the meantime an inspiration for all wild and rockin weddings. Its about love, its about time, about rhythm and beat, art and vibrancy. Its about you and me. About great love stories. be blushless- I really mean that! Don't try to be perfect, its boring! And thats the worst thing, right? Don't try to be clean, adventures will (hopefully!) make you dirty, anyway! I love things that have a story to tell. And I am interested in people that have stories to tell. (so please get involved...tell me about you!) So what do you think should I be ashamed of being me? I am what I am. And I love what I am doing. Right now I am really excited...for our new blog project.