coffee junkie meets eco fashion junkie

coffeewithphil031I love coffee, I love to be up to date in the eco-fashion scene... Plus: I really enjoy conversations with visonary people. Going crazy about new ideas...It was about time for a coffee meeting with eco fashion junkie Phil Gloeckler. The upcoming Berlin Fashionweek (1st -4th of July) will have a lot of cool new eco fashion platforms. He is consulting the Premium for its Green area. Liv loves: GREEN, a great new concept for highfashion, luxury- and gourmet products! Its a showroom that takes place in Berlins amazing Hotel Adlon Kempinski! lobbyweb This will definitely be a special one! Get in touch for appointments. If you are not in the industry come over to play at the 4th of July! This day will be open to public!

Other green tradehows will be The Key, which repesents the sports- and streetwear market of green fashion . Some good reasons to come to Berlin!!! You heard me! It will be great. And now I will write my guest post for eco fashion junkies!