happy bed-day!

alexandergirardforurbanoutfittersimage via urban outfitters Its time to thank our beds for all the good times ! Maybe we should start a new international holiday? Bed-day! Who is in? Wrap up. Liv around Lav. The bed around us .The whole world around the bed. Ohhhh! And how much I do love breakfast in bed ... So much to write about beds! Its gotta be one of the best places to be right? Maybe I am saying that cause I almost never get my bed to see. Thats the price for working in fashion. Hmmmm....

To celebrate the first international bed-day wouldnt it be nice to style up your bed? The picture above shows a piece of the exciting upcoming bedding collection of the stunning textile designer Alexander Girard for Urban Outfitters. Bed linens, printed cushions, drapes, shower curtains, a few original classic Girard prints and more. Available from July 2009! Would also be a great idea as a wedding gift. Liv found this little sensation on the design blog Oh Joy! And now: sleep hard and dream rock'n'roll

UPDATE! Same sex marriage is still illegal in California... I was crossing fingers, legs and eyes Monday night for a smart decision IN THE NAME OF LOVE by the California Supreme Court... And I just learned from a cool readers (eastsidebride) comment that Urban Outfitters suddenly pulled their line of t-shirts in the middle of the Prop 8 campaign that support marriage equality, possibly because the company's owner is an anti-gay right-wing tool who gives generously to GOP candidates and causes. I didn't know about that before. So let's buy cleaner sheets for the bed-day!

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