holiday, honeymoon, runaway...

jinthai_flickrimage by Jin Thai Ive started dreaming about foreign countries every night... Its really fun actually, the few hours sleep I get each night

I am spending on adventures and beachholidays. Thats maybe because of I can't go on holiday this year, due to starting my own fashion label, Blushless. But thats kinda ok though, and one day I will be able to travel again.

The weather is currently so shitty in Berlin. I really need some sun... Got side tracked! Had a coffee break and I have done a little research on places beach7 I want to be right now!!! Cup of Jo did a great Post about honeymoon hotels, and The Rockstar Diaries just went for a 2 years anniversairy and birthday trip. Oh well! Enjoy daydreaming, I have to go back to work ; )

P.S: Friends of Lav left for this exciting 6 month honeymoon, I already told you about.