bow wow wow!

abbeydazed2image Abbey for Dazed Magazine via alix rose Ive never really been sure how i feel about bow ties on men. It depends on the man, and whole outfit I guess. But I know that a lot of men, are really hating traditional bow ties. (I remember my desperate Lav getting ready for the Drapers awards night, frustrated that he had to wear a full tuxedoโ€ฆand finally, after getting angry, feeling hilarious, and getting rebellious he left looking great, but minus the bow tie) But...Iv seen some great ones in the latest menswear shows. And on women they can look hot. opening-ceremony-dog-models-1 image via refinery29 But in the end there is no doubt: dogs look better wearing bow ties than long ties...Opening Ceremony had bulldogs to model Alexander Olch's fun line of bow ties!

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