Happy Ever After

spiel-262image "see love differently" via Brot und Spiele Galerie

Liv attended a Love Tour today. And learned LOVE CONQUERS ALL. I was reminded to believe in Happy Ends through this stunning art experience. Exactly when I needed it the most. Liv has been a horrible girlfriend this week. Kind of a moody mess, cause I was just stressed out with my business and missing Lav on top, was too much. Especially in a LDR it's hard. I guess a hug would already help in such situations... The exhibition tonight was just magical, bringing me back into childhood, just being silly and creative. This art was healing. Realising I am so very happy to have Lav in my life. Even if we can't live in the same place right now. In the end LOVE is the most important thing. Just saying.

»HAPPY EVER AFTER« This July, Nomad (DE) and Abner Preis (USA) will take you into a love story, which takes place on the street and braves all the bizarre scents, scenarios and encounters of a city as Berlin becomes both lover and location in their tale. The story begins at the gallery, where the pair will exhibit work created in the process of making the story they will tell. After viewing the work, guests are invited to follow them as they make their way through Berlin and take the story and audience on an intimate tour. In this telling, the story is never stagnant and always takes place right now, mixing media and emotion, embracing the forgotten with the abandoned and speaking of love by unfolding various shades of fiction. »These are two of the artists I’ve enjoyed watching, knowing and spending time with most in the last decade. It is the art of living and each is committed enough to take this work seriously. The focus appears as almost militant sincerity/spontaneity in an age of seduction/ calculation.« H. Levey, Editor in Chief Modart Magazine

The party afterwards wasn't bad either. ; )