smokin hot wedding

263wmerimage via Le Smoking

Liv has never been to Lavs home country Australia so far, but would love to check it out one day. Mainly because of the SUN and BEACHES. So here is a little research on Australian Weddings. Most Australian wedding traditions have been borrowed from England, but many ceremonies are also flavored with Aboriginal customs.

So what is a traditional Aboriginal Wedding? Ceremonies are preferably outside, or in a ceremonial lodge or under an arbor. The bridal couple has four sponsors. Sponsors are older, well respected people within the community, chosen by the bride and groom. The sponsors are to give spiritual and marital guidance to the couple throughout their lifetime. Their commitment is to the Creator, to God. There is no breaking that commitment, and no divorce. If the couple separates and goes their separate ways, in the eyes of the Creator, they are still husband and wife. Each person makes a declaration in front of the Pipe Carrier that they choose to be known as husband and wife. Then they smoke from the pipe. Tobacco is offered and accepted by the officiant.

One thing is for sure: Australia would be a great place for a beach wedding.

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