wild promises

image via third drawer down Queensize duvet by Glasgow-based artist David Shrigley I love the sketchiness of his work.

"In all his work, Shrigley seems to insist on giving place to the abnormal and plays to our fears of the dis-alike, the odd, the peculiar, the insane and irregular, the out-of-control. So who is he who did this? Well, he's a big, tall Englishman with a great sense of humour and an odd but likable view of the world. A chronicler of the everyday with an eye for the absurd, the over-looked, the unspeakable and the small rather than the routine or the spectacular." written by Katharina Brown

But now: Let's go back to bed: The best part of being in London every few weeks is that I am working a lot from the bed/office. It can sometimes mean enjoying cold pizza and tasty champagne in bed after work, and It definitely means getting alot more sleep when I am here. This bed is so unbelievably comfy!!! I already wrote a few months ago, how much I love beds.....here. Uhm: By the way, Im not JUST hanging out in bed when I am here OF COURSE, I am seeing a lot of art, music, I am working, and meeting new people, partying and improving my language skills. Now sleep hard and dream rock’n'roll.