red veils and candy...

11photo via Greek brides wore traditional wedding veils of yellow or red, which represented fire. These brightly colored veils were supposed to protect the bride from evil spirits and demons. Now thats a good reson to wear red headpieces! The engagement rings, which also serve as the wedding rings, are traditionally blessed twice. When the couple becomes officially engaged, the priest blesses the rings and the couple will wear the rings on their left hand until the wedding. At the wedding ceremony, the priest once again blesses the rings at which time the bride and groom switches the rings to the right hand. This is really practical and nice since both of you will have an engagement ring.


A Greek bride may carry a lump of sugar on her wedding day to ensure she has a sweet life,or she might carry ivy, as a symbol of endless love. Speaking of candy: The guest are also offered sweet stuff: Candied almonds are considered a favorite at some wedding receptions. However, at a Greek wedding, candied almonds are given to guests immediately following the ceremony. The almonds are usually distributed in a cloth or tulle covering and guests can expect to receive an odd number of the edible delicacies.

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