draping draping draping and a poll to you readers

jasmineLiv is back to full draping fun in the studio, beginning work on the toiles and sketches for the next collection. Don't get to excited just yet, there won't be any unveiling until the time for the official launch of the new collection, which will still be quite a long time away...

But I promise to keep you up to date in the process though, with sketches, first drapes and moodboards. One new dress available on request would be this one : livkleid

I made it for myself one day in black to wear during Fashion Week, and got so much great feedback on this one, you can now order it in white as a wedding dress.

This is a cocktail/bridesmaid dress I created for a friend, its funny to see her in a fancy dress, because she is normally a complete tomboy. mareike-kopie I am totally turned on right now by an old painting of Amor and Psyche. But dont worry, the dresses wont be in old fashioned kitschy angelic stylings of course. The painting is an inspiration, and that will translate for Global Season 2011. Just to give you an idea of the theme for the new collection. POLL: Question for you, do you like to read more about the design process and Blushless related things? Do you enjoy a good mixture of general inspiration, editorial, and Blushless related topics? Or is there anything else you would like to read more or less? I am curious!