Illusion is the first of all pleasures

spiel-27artwork by Kinga Dunikowska via Brot und Spiele Galerie I recently went to see a stunning art exhibition The first of all pleasures by my friend Kinga Dunikowska.

The project NEU is perfect if you are looking for a very special (wedding) gift: They are a limited edition, small hand stitched picture, showing the word “new”. Each picture in a different language of the world: NEU, NY, NEW……….. They look fabulous together but also work well as single objects. All stitched in white glitter sequins, they make a wonderful and poetric statement. Contact Brot und Spiele Gallery to buy one of her beautiful works. I loved all parts of the exhibition.

At my farewell party (bye bye Berlin) on the weekend I got one of her amazing artworks stating “NEW”. I couldn’t have received anything more beautiful or better themed right now.

Kinga Dunikowska is known for her installations, which take the spectator to generally known, but purely virtual places. With poetry and with a wink, the contemplator gets seduced and becomes often enough part of the staging. In her older works the places are mostly mystical and part of a narrative or mythological tradition. Now the artist builts her newest work around a strict abstract question. But the result is not less enchanting. Oscar Wilde’s conclusion »Illusion is the first of all pleasures« gets deconstructed by Kinga Dunikowska and like a complex mechanism separeted into it’s main components. That her poetic interpretation is neither limited to the aesthetical surface nor to an exclusively subjective perspective, but also describes the motor of our society, must be seen as an exceptional quality of this work. However, the exhibition offers all components for a new mythology: The all-seeing eye of god, a tree of knowledge, melancholy, beauty and seduction through the attraction of the eternal new.