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tieclipsnixoncollagedesigns by Nixon

Lav recently got really excited about tie clips after watching a 50’s movie! So I did a bit research and found this clean and contemporary beauties shown above, as well as a few rad vintage finds like this hammered copper one: vintage-tie-copper-tie-clip found here. This classic gentlemens accessory can definitely complete a great groom outfit. Its been said you should wear it at an angle, but a lot of people say its not suitable for younger men to wear it… I don’t agree with that all. Its a tiny little piece of jewelry that is both practical and can look very stylish also with younger men. I also don’t care about the angle. I saw a lot cool guys wearing it straight across, like here at The Satorialist or here in the NY Times. Most of this how-to-wear-rules are bullshit anyway, don’t you think? Go break the rules men, that’s what is most sexy anyway.

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