Christmas is weird

11259_1067550346715_1764761801_139668_85879_nPhoto by Axel Kücholl I dunno. I just can’t really get excited about it anymore. I really enjoyed the LivLav (pre-)christmas and was excited for our (pre-)christmas dinner. A romantic twosome christmas is wonderful. But here with my family…I guess there are kids missing. (ooops , where did that voice came from?Liv is generally not really into kids) Or more people. I imagine it great fun to have a huge family and a crowded house. That’s what Christmas is all about. Or maybe thats what my romantic version of what Christmas should be like. But its just me and my mum and her new husband at the north sea in Germany. I love my mums traditional Christmas dinner and the living room with the fireplace and the over the top decorated Christmas tree. But Liv needs more buzz. Lav is in Australia and my best friend is in Thailand. That’s what I feel like: Sunshine, fruit, holiday. That sounds like perfect Christmas. I am already over chocolate and all the heavy food. Liv can survive on iced coffee and mango. So can anyone please get me outta here? Maybe I just need a year off, I would love to skip it this time.

What about you, how do you feel about Christmas?