questions, pictures, and one day: the beach !

allenroselle16call photographs by MangoRed Check out their site, there is quite cool stuff on there.

Liv often gets questions about her own one-day-wedding-of-her-dreams: What kind of dress I would wear, what location I would choose.... most of the time followed by something like "I am sure you must have thought a lot about it." To be honest: No! I haven't. I am not that kinda gal ; ) allenroselle03 A friend once said at a party: "If I should get married I want a f*cking flamingo on my head." - Interesting.

Alright I don't want to disappoint you, so: I always had the dream to live in a city by the ocean one day, so I think I would really love to get married at the beach. Perfect would be a beach (because of the amazing spirit) and city rooftop (for the incredible party) combination. allenroselle07

Liv is (as far as it looks like right now) not getting married in the nearer future. If I should get engaged one day there will still be plenty of time to figure it out, depending on the situation, budget, partner, and place I will be living.

(And maybe-baby there is still a picture in my head...)

What about you?