achieve the impossible

tumblr_kyw1ub5eps1qzbw9go1_400_largevia fuck yeah kissing Only the ones who attempt the absurd will achieve the impossible. by Liv Ridiculous Lundelius (actually: I don't know about the source...who said that?)

This is my motto of the year.

I want:

- SUMMER - a room in London - an extra Job in London - to let BLUSHLESS grow - to be wild and free and strong - a few days on the beach!!! vintage-suitcases-via-cupofjo

For now I have to plan my moving to LONDON, which is soooo exciting. (By the way: Anyone looking for a new housemate in London?? Liv is in need of a room, PLEASE GET IN TOUCH and drop me an email) Would love to find a live and work situation with creative wild people!

Because THIS just happened! Thank you ESB for your words.