livs golden skull minibar

Photo by Liv

Last sunday while wandering around Broadway Market after breakfast at l'eau a La Bouche (highly recommended!) we discoverd in a magical little furniture & antique shop full of cool little things, from issey miyake catwalk sunglasses, to the most amazing teapot set... I could have bought the whole shop (but the price tags didn't allow me to do so) At least Liv found loads of inspiration- for free!

The golden skull mini home bar arrangement really got me. The white painted wood table with a mirror table top decorated with golden paint, a shiny skull candle and a set of different antique cocktail glasses with golden rim: Perfection! I am a sucker for almost everthing golden anyway. And I wanted to share it with you because of it's weddingy festiveness. So? Who's is gonna rock something like that on their wedding?