The wedding without a dress

photo via Green Wedding Shoes

One of my good friends from Berlin just got engaged. The best news of the week. When she told me I was smiling all day long. I met up with them a week ago and it was soooo good so see them. Since I moved to London I hardly had contact with my friends over there. Just a email, here and there, facebook messages... But to meet friends in real life feels so good. They were super happy (obvsly) and I loved hearing their whole messed up proposal story

I got a bit excited to create a dress for her and was slightly disappointed but also impressed by her decision to marry without a wedding dress. Yes that's right. She said she never had this princess vision of herself as a bride anyway,they don't have the budget to buy a real cool designers dress and would love to spent more on the event, and good food, so all their friends will have a good time. Fair enough. The plan: Her fiancés is from London with a Spanish background. They tried to find a location that combines the German, English and Spanish culture:MALLORCA! So they are planning to rent a finca over there and are going to have a beach and pool wedding. The bride will wear a white one-piece swim with a beachy little something on top.

P.S: I didn't ask about the groom outfit. PPS: Maybe I should finally move somewhere sunny and design swimwear!?