back to reality

Liv in Melbourne photo by Dave After a wonderful holiday the usual London stress has fully kicked in, and hardly left me any time for Blushless projects. It's still pretty rough winter weather over here and I am hardly spending anytime outdoors. I hope that Dave and me soon get to update our private blog with all the wonderful holiday pictures. But for now we don't even meet each other at home. We are both fully engaged in work and work projects. Lots of exciting engagement and pregnancy news among my friends kicked in and I feel slightly out of touch. My new day job is taking up all my time, which is ok, because I really have to work loads and for my new make-up artist career there is lots of training and projects coming up as well. It seems like I have to structure my time a bit differently and becoming clear of my focus. It's a new year and I really have to work on a career that allows me to survive on it. That's my big goal for 2011.