new love

I mentioned already that I am starting a new career as make up artist, at This Is Jane Wayne, I am blogging for a cool young German online magazine about my way to start something new and about beauty, have a look if you are interested. As soon as I have decided to commit and to go through the door that just opened things keep falling in place. A friend told me about a make up artistry competition that just came up at the right time, I practiced and worked hard on my entry and: I won. The prize is, and that’s why it’s so exciting: A full time professional make up artist course at the well known Jemma Kidd Academy plus a full kit of make up with everything I will need incl. professional brushes. IT IS INCREDIBLE! This new career just started with a BANG! And I am more than excited to start. I feel very very thankful and all warm and fuzzy inside. You can see more pictures of my work here. Thanks to the people who supported me in my decision!