Liv as wedding guest

Via this dress is by Acne, shoes by Sam Edelman

In the unlikely event of Liv attending Dave's brothers wedding in Australia in August this is what I would wear. With smoky eyes and nude lips. Sadly I am stuck with loads of work in London and couldn't get the time off, so he will have to go on his own. I can only dream- If I were going to attend, let's say my work for August will be getting cancelled and I will be able to take holidays, at the same time I will be able to get a free flight and I will have only 1 day to get my outfit together online and uhm, while we are at it, I wouldn't have to pay for my outfit either.... ...Then I would prob. wear the outfit above. All found at

I would love to make it happen. Weddings are so magical. I only need to find the time to go. The fabulous evening dress I can do myself.