The nightmare about the green dress

image via Motilo

Here is to another fashionable wedding : Full of very well dressed guests! See more here. I had a dream last night. My mum forced me to get married out of the blue, and not enough she wanted the whole event in her backyard, and she invited her friends only. I said: " But Mum, I haven't got anything to wear just now." She handed me a dress and said: "Sure you do!" - "But it's green...", I desperately tried to make my point. "Don't be so fussy" she said, pushing me out in front of the guests. I was wearing flip-flops and a green dress. My future husbands family she sat down in a corner away from the other guests. None of my friends were attending, The whole thing couldn't have been further from what I wish my wedding to be like one day. Stupid nightmares!!! We have a saying in Germany that if you want your dreams to become true, you shouldn't share them with anyone. I don't want this to become true at all, so I thought I better share it with the whole world, just to be safe. Happy wedding planning everyone!